Why Many are Choosing Laser Hair Removal in NYC

Many people like having smooth legs, chest, and arms throughout the year. In the summer, the number of people who would like less hair in places increases drastically. Dr. Jennifer Walden is helping many to receive excellent laser hair removal at her Skintology Clinic in New York City. Her staff works diligently to hear the needs of the patients and then giving them strategies of the best course of action to get them the results they are searching for. Lasers have been used in medicine for a number of years. Now, it is being used even more for hair removal.

Many people choose this option because they waste too much time on energy on depilatories, shaving, tweezing, and waxing. They want something that will last longer than all of those methods combined. Not only does laser treatments help to remove the hair. It also helps to remove the thickness of the hair in those problem areas. The laser in the laser hair removal process hones in on the hair follicles. It helps to break down the hair follicle, so it will stop reproducing hair. When someone goes through multiple treatments, they will notice a huge difference in the amount of hair they have in that particular area over time.

At one point laser hair removal was only appropriate for people who were light skin but had dark hair. Now practically anyone can get a hair removal session. Customers keep returning to Dr. Jennifer Walden and her staff because they provide quality customer service every day. Dr. Walden is a board certified plastic surgeon. She has been recognized as one of Texas’s super doctors. She considers New York to be her second home because she stayed in New York for over eight years when she started her plastic surgery practice in Manhattan. When someone wants to get fantastic laser treatments, they go to the Skintology Clinic.