Brad Reifler Announces Partnership with Easter Seals Dixon Center

On February 29, Brad Reifler, the CEO of Forfront Capital Advisors, announced that his company would be forming a partnership Easter Seals Dixon Center. The partnership will also include a donation of funds in the sum of $3 million. According to Brad Reifler, they chose the partnership because they felt that Easter Seals Dixon Center has made a positive impact on the live of army veterans and their families. Easter Seals Dixon Center works locally and nationally to connect individuals and organizations to bring easy solutions and access to employment, education and health care for the families of army veterans.

According to Brad Reifler, the mission of Forefront Capital Advisors is to make a difference in the lives of veterans and the military community while simultaneously supporting the financial future of the company’s clients. Brad feels that partnering with Easter Seals Dixon Center makes good business sense and believes that veterans and their families need good financial stability to succeed in the community.

David Sutherland, chairman of Easter Seals Dixon Center, says they’re proud to be Forfront Capital Advisors’ charity of choice. Both groups strongly believe that the partnership will give military families and veterans the ability to involve themselves within the community and be financially stable while doing so. Brad and his team at Forfront Capital Advisors are looking forward to helping Easter Seals Dixon Center continue their work for military families and veterans.  Be sure to check out Brad’s full story on

5 Steps To Dealing With Haters Of Your Business

Having to deal with negative people and haters is often synonymous with success. As a business grows there will always be some who do not receive the attention they wanted or are simply jealous of the success someone else is having. The best way to deal with this is to use a 5 step approach.

Step 1 is simple and ensures that the one reason that brought you to start the business is upheld. Keep the reason close to your heart and do not let the negativity influence your passion and reason to move forward. Step 2 is to not walk this long road by yourself and reach out for a supporting hand. Companies such as help companies clean up bad news in search results. They will know the correct approach to take to ensure you are not guessing. The third step is to add even more value to whatever the business is selling. Customers who get extra value will ignore the negative talk as they are happy with what they are receiving. Keeping customers pleased to do business with you should be a top priority. Step 4 is to ensure that all customers know that even though there is a storm to be weathered the business will continue as normal. If customers know to expect the same service or better they will remain committed to you. Step 5 is to not return the shots fired at your business as this could drag you down with those attackers. It will merely shed a bad light on your business even further. Best thing to do is to ignore the gossip and allow actions to speak for your business.

Most successful businesses have had to weather negativity and gossip along their journey to success. This is simply part of the process as not everyone can be satisfied. Knowing this and knowing that there are companies out there that can help is important. Companies like will ensure that all search results related to your business are cleaned and turned into positivity.

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Buying Gold Is Fashionable And Profitable According To Billionaire Investor George Soros

Hedge funds have not been getting a lot of good press lately. It seems people are fed up with the amount of money hedge fund investors make. Hedge fund managers are becoming targets for political platforms. There is a movement to change the way hedge fund operates in the future, but all that rhetoric is not stopping hedge fund managers like George Soros from making huge bets on gold. According to the Wall Street Journal, the 85-year-old Soros is buying gold like it was free. It’s not free, however. Gold is currently trading at more than $1,300 an ounce. The race to buy gold is on, and George Soros and other big hedge fund managers are leading the charge. Barrick Gold Corporation has been feeling the impact of the Soros wealth lately.

Hedge funds are still making billions of dollars because the managers of these big funds do their homework. George Soros is a good example of a fund manager that knows when to buy and when to sell. George Soros is well-versed in economics. He graduated from the London School of Economic back in the 1950s, and he has been using what he learned there for the last 60 years. Soros has been in the news on a regular basis since he made billions in 1992 by betting against the pound sterling. Soros was named “the man that broke the Bank of England’ when his hedge fund made $7 billion shorting the pound against the dollar. Soros made $1.4 billion in commissions on that deal alone.

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George Soros Trading Again

A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

The most recent Soros bet is on gold, but he is also betting that the Chinese will be forced to devalue their currency over the next 18 months. Soros told an interviewer from recently that the banks in China have trillions of dollars in bad debt on the books, and the government will have to inject billions of dollars in capital reserves into their banking system in order to keep the banks solvent. That injection of capital reserves will lower the value of the yuan on the foreign currency exchange.

Buying gold is fashionable, and it is going to be very profitable for men like George Soros who have enough money to buy millions of dollars in gold stocks and gold mining companies. The latest projection is gold will hit $2,000 an ounce by the end of 2016. Some investors say the price of gold could double in three years.

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The Making of Skout CFO Portia Kersten


Growing up in poverty can mean a lot of things but inspiration is, perhaps, pushing it too far. Well, it did just that for Portia Kersten. Too poor to have a television set, the only objects of entertainment for her were books. She immersed herself in the worlds of Charles Dickens and Shakespeare, identifying with the characters whose conditions made it impossible to overcome the odds against them but still won the battle at the end of it all. Currently the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Skout, she schooled at Columbia University where she earned her MBA.

A Load of Experience

Before joining Skout, Kersten worked with various companies both small and large. She has been actively involved in organizing funding and ensuring maximum growth for startups and high-potential companies in different sectors. While realizing the distinctiveness of challenges associated with different young companies, Kersten’s experience enables her to easily pick out the similarities too. They include the tough task of coming up with a new product and looking for a new market. Maintaining the gains you have made in market establishment and penetration is not easy either.

Mentoring Young Women

While she used some mentorship from Parenting Magazine founder, Robin Wolaner, Kersten is passionate about mentoring young women just beginning their careers. For young professional women who would like to rise as high as her, the secret word is patience. In addition, confidence and versatility cannot be overlooked. Since friends and colleagues greatly influence ones success or failure, Kersten’s advice is to choose your friends carefully and turn colleagues who show their confidence in you to friends.

Working with Talent

Working in one of the largest platform for connecting new friends must be exciting enough. However, Kersten picks out the outstanding talent of the staff at Skout as one of the reasons she enjoys her job. In addition, she has had the opportunity to work with Andreessen Horowitz who also one of the Skout’s investors.

The Skout Community of Friends

Skout is one of the best social network platforms for making new friends and chat with them as well as send pictures to each other. To join the community, all you need is an email address or a Facebook account. While you are signed up, add as much basic information on your profile as possible about yourself.

Remember, the information you put on your profile will determine the kind of friends on display since Skout customization filters out people who don’t match your preferences. On the main screen, you’ll be able to view people who are logged in at the same time as you.

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