The New Chairman and CEO at Capital Research and Management Company

Mr Tim D. Armour is the Chairman, Director, and Principal Executive Officer at Capital Research and Management Company. He started working at The Capital Group Company in 1983 and has accumulated several years of experience in the industry. He acquired his Bachelor’s degree in economics at Middlebury College. This is a private college located in Middlebury, Vermont in the United States.

Tim Armour then joined The Capital Group as a participant in the associate’s program. His level of commitment was recognized and was promoted as an equity investment analyst. It was at this position that he covered global telecommunications and the United States companies.

Tim Armour was elected the chairman by the company board members succeeding James Rothenberg who died of a heart attack. He has continually defended the track record of the company’s stock pickers in his Los Angles office. He said in his recent interview that he follows his number one mantra ‘’ we will get you better returns over time’’, this has brought him success in his career.

Tim is a team-player and has often suggested to their investors that they must seek the services of active managers who believe in earning from quality input. According to Tim, the best managers devote a lot of time to research and analysis so that they can uncover perceptions on the companies’ upcoming opportunities.

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According to Janet Yang, CFA, the Capital Group has experienced some transitions and the company’s stocks have trailed bonds. The materialistic allocation funds are being given priority and it has emerged ahead of moderate allocation funds. This has resulted in materialistic funds having the smallest stakes in equities while the moderate one ends up the most. However, Janet claims that checking in detail; the allocation funds can be said to be successful.

According to Tim Armour, The United states economy is not growing as strongly expected in the second half of the year. The expectation has been that the Federal Reserve will increase interest rates sooner rather than later. According to him the Federal Reserve still needs to go ahead with raising rates because near-zero interest rates come with undue risks to investors.

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How to Find Securus Technologies

A lot of people do not even know about Securus and what it has done for so many individuals on the market. This amazing company has truly transform the lives for so many individuals who have loved ones in the prison system. The multi-state campaign that Securus has recently launched is allowing for more people to learn about the services that they offer so that you can feel totally confident in what is available to you on a regular basis. If you do not know what Securus is, this multi-state campaign is going to allow you to become more aware of what they offer to the public.


This is a great company for you to use each and every time that you want to video visit with your loved one in prison. It allowed me to keep in touch with my loved one regularly because of the fact that it is very easy and quick to use with no learning curve involved. It is important for you to learn as much as possible about security so that you can see if it will work for you as it has for myself and a lot of other prison families all over the country who make use of it every single day for their own benefit.


Securus makes it very easy for you to begin using their Services whenever you would like and this is why a lot of people are beginning to utilize them each and every time they want to keep in touch with their loved ones. It is amazing to know that you have a service that you can rely on any time you want to be able to keep in touch with your loved ones who just so happened to be behind bars and it is not easy to accomplish this on a regular basis.


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Securus Technologies


Bob Reina: He Is Not One For Idle Talk

There are a ton of people out there that love to talk about what they are going to do and how they are going to do it. Sometimes one must wonder if they simply enjoy hearing themselves talk. They don’t really have a plan of any sorts. They just talk for the sake of talking. That is not Bob Reina. He is a man of action and swift action. When he sets his mind to something, he gets results. He is not big on excuses. He knows that people are counting on him, and he does want to let them down. A lot of people might shrink away from that responsibility or run away from it. Read this article at about Bob Reina.


Bob Reina relishes the chance to make a real difference in someone’s life. In his mind, that is why he was put on this earth. He was put on this earth to make a difference and impact people’s lives. A lot of people out there are lost, lonely, and confused. They feel as though they are at a crossroads in their life, and they don’t know what their next move should be or how they should go about getting what they truly want out of their life. Talk Fusion is the answer. This is a product that offers video newsletters, video chats, video emails, and video conferences.


All of this is for the modern businessman or businesswoman that needs more than what life is offering them at the moment. There is nothing wrong with wanting more. That is a good thing. It means someone has not simply settled in their life. They are going to go out and grab life by the throat and make it happen for themselves. They don’t believe in roadblocks or obstacles. They believe those are simply put there for people to learn from and get better.


Bob Reina is also big into charity. His record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society is nothing short of amazing and it shows the kind of human being that Bob Reina is. They often say that you can tell a lot about a person by how they treat animals.


Understanding How IAP Worldwide Has Transformed Services Delivery And Technical Fields

Technical fields have been changing rapidly due to the growth of technology that has been happening in different industries. Companies like IAP Worldwide have come up with unique services that are targeted at supporting businesses and companies to upgrade their systems to fit in the modern technological platform. It is safer and more reliable to use modern systems and to have a team that is able to update changes whenever new patches are released in the industry. IAP Worldwide works with all the necessary tools that make it possible to deal with the problems that are shared by companies.

This composition makes it easy for IAP Worldwide to seamlessly deal with the most demanding challenges.

Supporting the Army
One of the most spectacular services that IAP Worldwide offers is working with the army in austere environments to help them deal with emergencies and problems to do with supplies. Although the company was initially contracted to offer generator supplies due to its proven record, IAP Worldwide has extended its reach to offering unique support that makes the work of the troops easy.

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Kaye Scholer Represents Lender Group in IAP Worldwide Restructuring
IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. announces the acquisition of two business units from DRS Technologies, Inc.

There is a team of experts who deal with technical problems like installing components that help the troops to trace directions and repair damaged equipment. Due to the great performance the company has recorded in the period it has been serving the troops, the government vowed to keep the contract.

Engineering solutions
Engineering is a broad area and as much as it is wide, IAP Worldwide works to provide the needed engineering support to all types of clients. The company has created a support team that is spread across all sections of engineering. With engineers across all fields, IAP Worldwide works to ensure the services offered in the development and design of properties are unique and focused on enhancing the attainment of the dreams their clients present.

Most of their clients come with problems that demand the development of structures and IAP Worldwide has all the capacity need to deal with the problem from design phase to implementation. There are also engineers for networking and IT needs to help in the design of systems and encryption of networks to enhance connectivity and access to services. IAP Worldwide also offers program management and maintenance to ensure the flow of services is uninterrupted across the entire cycle.

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Josh Verne: How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Succeed in Life and Business

Life and business are seamless entities of living. You cannot succeed in life and fail in business. Success in one entity translates to the other. Therefore, Josh Verne has come up with the principles to make a young person succeed in business and life. The key to success is the character. According to the Forbes Magazine, successful people engage in all aspects of life including business.


Josh Verne is a United States-based serial entrepreneur and businessman. He has more than two decades of substantial experience in managing the business from startups to multi-million corporations. His approach to life is categorical. He has started, grown, and sold numerous multi-million businesses in his many years of professional experience.


  1. Have a balanced life.

Life is always an act of balance. For you to succeed in life and business, the two entities must be balanced. A person can have all the money the world has to offer. However, you will lead a miserable life if you are not in good health. On the other hand, you will have your family suffer if you don’t have enough money to sustain their daily needs. Therefore, a balanced life will strike a deal between all the entities that make a life. A balanced life does not mean you spend as much as you earn. However, its meaning is deeper than spending.


  1. Do what gives you passion

This is the only thing that separates the successful people from the failures. Most of the people in the corporate world fail to find the things that make them happy. For you to succeed, you must work with your passion, passion is the fuel to your soul. Passion makes you wake up early in the morning and work without getting tired. For this reason, you will make a better life for success. While there are people who are passionate about what they do and fail, there are no successful individuals who lack passion. Your life will be full of misery if you work with something that never gives you passion.


  1. Be a leader, not a boss.

In management positions, there are two types of people. There are leaders and bosses. For the bosses, they do what is in their best interest. They don’t care what their subordinates think, they force their will into the, for this reason, they use their position to demand actions.

Cone Marshall, No. 1 Internationally

Cone Marshall is a law firm that works with the international community and their advisors. Established in 1999 in Auckland, they have become the law firm of New Zealand. They assist companies by establishing New Zealand trusts and partnerships, and they provide global wealth planning advice. The company has two executives, Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall, who both have over twenty years experience in handling international issues. They each lend their very specific expertise to the company’s operation. Cone’s specialties are International tax planning, trusts, and management services. Marshall handles commercial litigation law and trustee companies. She provides Trust Deed precedents for clients, and responds to their specific requests to consult on security issues.


New Zealand has demonstrated leadership in tax transparency. They handle foreign trusts by assisting other governments that request relevant information. This is a major difference between them and tax havens where information sharing with other governments is prohibited. This is what makes New Zealand a perfect location for Cone Marshall. In articles published at, the company’s executives called New Zealand the model as far as transparency with foreign trusts, actually using them for tax planning rather than for asset protection. In this environment, Cone Marshall works to strengthen estate and tax laws and has a reputation for offering solutions to estate and tax cases including, consultancy and international problems.


Cone Marshall has built a strong team, providing trust management and trustee services through affiliated companies and they continue to grow by adding subsidiary companies. One of the company’s modes of operation is to establish joint ventures with corporations in order to supply comprehensive property training and information. They not only provide consultation, but they also farm-out their administrators, lawyers, and banking service representatives to other companies so that they can better represent clients. Cone Marshall’s years of success has driven the company to the highest level of international status. It has become the expert in tax laws and property management.


Geoffrey Cone Brings Expertise to New Zealand Hopefuls

Geoffrey Cone is a global attorney who has the expertise that he needs to be able to help people out with the different things that they have in their businesses and in their personal lives. He works to make sure that people are making the right decisions when they are moving to a different country from the place that they were in.


There are many different things that go into moving to a different country. As a global attorney, Geoffrey Cone knows each of the things that people need to be able to make the move to different countries. People who are able to move will be able to do more in the area that they are located in.  Getting an attorney is the best way to be sure that the transition will go smoothly.


Some people who are moving to different countries choose to make the decision to move to New Zealand. This is something that they have chosen to do because of the way that they think that the country works. They think that there are a lot people who do not have to pay taxes in the country but that is not the case. They also like the attractive job and housing markets that New Zealand has. The country has a lot of attractive benefits that people can take advantage of when they are in different situations.


One thing that New Zealand does not have is free taxes. People who live in New Zealand are still expected to be able to pay taxes. It is important that people pay taxes on the things that they have in New Zealand. The country, though, has tax transparency. This means that they are completely open about the different taxes there. People who are hoping to move to New Zealand can be sure that they know what the taxes will be like before they make the decision to move to the country. They are always open about how much taxes will be paid on each different income bracket.


Even if New Zealand is not the perfect place to go to live tax free, there are still many other countries that offer this option. They are called the tax free tax havens that people can live in. Each year, Geoffrey Cone works to help publish a list of the countries that are tax havens. It is something that people can use to make the decision on where they are going to move.


Tax Trust and Trustee Company in New Zealand –Cone Marshall

Karen Marshall and Cone Marshall are the principle of Cone Marshall which is a tax and trust law firm that is located in New Zealand. Cone Marshall is an international organisation that was founded in 1999. The law firm works hand in hand with foreign families as well as their advisors to help them establish New Zealand’s trusts, partnership as well as companies. The international families also benefit from international wealth planning advice.

Cone Marshall Limited is responsible for providing a full package of the New Zealand law services that include, tax, trust, structuring advice, succession, as well as the provision of management services. Cone Marshall is devoted and very dedicated to offering quality services to their clients, and it has been observing and will always observe the laws of the judiciary sector to ensure they deliver the best.

Karen Marshall is one of the principles at Cone Marshall. Karen is a graduate of the University of Otago where she graduated with LLB honors. After her graduation, Karen worked in London where she served in one of the prominent law firms in the country for ten years. At the law firm of London, Karen Marshall served in the commercial litigation department. She has a vast experience in Law something that offered her an opportunity to act as a consultant to two constitutional trustee companies where he advised them regarding trustees’ obligations and powers to enter into negotiations as well as security for the third party. Karen joined Cone Marshall in 2005 and the following year she was appointed the principle.

Geoffrey Marshall is the founder and the principle of Cone Marshall. Geoffrey graduated with LLB from the University of Otago. After his graduation, he started his career in Auckland New Zealand and later moved to Christchurch where he was a partner and the Chairman of Partners in one of the leading law firms. Geoffrey holds a Diploma in tax and trust Law and his skills offered him the opportunity to serve as a commercial litigator as well as tax and trust advisor. After for two years working in West Indies Geoffrey decided to establish his law firm, Cone Marshall.

Geoffrey Cone is described by The Law & Expert Directory as the essential tax lawyer. He disagreed with media report saying that New Zealand is a tax haven as the country does not possess the qualities of a tax haven as listed by the OCED.


Lime Crime’s Founder Doe Deere

Doe Deere grew up in Russia and moved to New York City when she was 17 years old. She spent many years living in New York and grew into adulthood there. She has always been a creative type, so it comes as no surprise that she started off as a musician. She met her husband, whom she shared a band with and they learned to work together early on in their relationship. They were both songwriters. Doe also attended FIT in New York and majored in fashion design.

Doe has always been drawn to bright vivid colors, and finding makeup to match her colorful outfits was impossible. She uses the way she dresses as a form of self-expression, and boring neutral colors were not cutting it for her. Most makeup companies at the time only offered natural shades of lipstick, and Doe wanted something more unique and that would fit her colorful image. Hence her motivation to start Lime Crime cosmetics and make the colors she wanted herself but could not find anywhere. Many other girls felt the same way and soon Lime Crime developed a cult following.

Doe believes that it is important to follow your heart, and that each person brings a unique vision to the table. She is an ambitious entrepreneur and has always been driven to succeed. Her early days in the music scene have helped to teach her about self-promotion and how to gain a following. She is a driven women and proof that dreams really do come true if you work hard enough to accomplish them.

Lime Crime is a cruelty free and vegan make up company and prides itself on not testing on animals and not putting any animal ingredients in their products. Doe is an animal lover and prides herself on making cruelty free products. The Lime Crime line is certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny. Which is a big accomplishment being that they have very strict standards.

This high quality vegan lipstick called Velvetines is loved by many and is available in many vivid shades.


Getting help with your AdWords Campaign from Shark Media

As a business owner in the current information age, it is really necessary to have a reliable and consistent online presence. The process of creating a website is the simple part of the deal. Things get complicated for most companies when they have to improve traffic to their websites for better ranking by the search engines. In case you are stuck at this point, you should consider bringing in professionals such as White Shark Media.

What shark media does for you?

Their main aim is to ensure that all digital campaigns are successful and that maximum gains are made from the process. They achieve this by:

  • The creation of landing pages and arrangement of content such that a visitor will be compelled to stay on the page a little longer and ultimately becomes a lead.
  • SEO, this is short for search engine optimization. They will get the right keywords for your niche, create content with the right keyword density and make sure traffic to your site has become better as search engine ranks improve.
  • Follow up on the initial consultation to make sure that the pace of improvement in sales is maintained.

These are the services that the company offers. Other related services such as creation of better email campaigns are also available. The company started out as a boutique agency and has been getting bigger each year. They normally follow up on their clients who are struggling to get noticed by engines and clients and offer workable solutions. They also address the issues that inhibit flow of traffic to our site.

The company has been so good at their work that they were once named as Google’s Premier SMB partner. This is a great fete especially because there are less than30 SMB partners of Google in the entire country. The company has on several occasions been recognized by Google for their exponential growth and the solutions they present to their clients. It is the ultimate solution for everyone with digital marketing needs.