Agora Financial Works To Help You Grow Your Portfolio

Getting a better and faster return on your investments can be possible if you know where to begin. With Agora Financial, one of the nation’s top rated publishing companies, you will be able to utilize the insights, analyses and guidance from a world-class team of financial advisors and analysts. Agora Financial has over 20 online and print publications and offers videos, online seminars, conference calls and other sources that all aim to help you achieve much smarter and lucrative investments. For years, hundreds of thousands of consumers have used their services and had seen their portfolios dramatically increase. Agora Financial offers some of the most innovative financial planning and strategies that are extremely effective for securing your nest egg and living prosperously throughout retirement.

Agora Financial is based in Baltimore, MD, its reputable financial planning services have become highly recommended and has amassed dedicated consumers nationwide since its inception. The company has paid almost a million each year in travel expenses so they can send their team of top advisors to investigate locations that promise a good investment. The team will then report their findings and provide their expertise and unbiased commentary in Agora’s reliable publications. They are committed to educate their readers and provide the best resources guides that will sufficiently help them manage their money. The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Financial Times, The Washington Post and Bloomberg have all raved about Agora Financial’s savvy advisory services and insights.

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Dr. Roseann Bennett Is Helping Beat Depression

Dr. Roseann Bennett, marriage and family therapist, estimated that over 7% of the United States has major depression. This is a static that seems to be growing every year and Dr. Roseann Bennett is on a mission to help those in need.


Dr. Bennett received her degree in marriage and family therapy from Seton Hall University. She is a licensed therapist and has been practicing for the last ten years. She is also certified in Clinical Trauma and Child & Adolescent Trauma.


In 2009 Roseann Bennett helped establish the Center for Assessment and Treatment in New Jersey. The center was created to help the public understand depression and what help can be provided for the patient and their family.


The rise in depression in marriages is climbing and Dr. Bennett often sees a spouse suggesting their partner go to therapy for depression, but they don’t see a need to be in attendance during the sessions. Dr. Bennett believes it’s important for couples to attend some sessions together. With the couple working on the depression situation together the marriage has a better chance of surviving.


A new trend Dr. Bennett is excited about is called Telemedicine. It’s a way for someone to get therapy without coming into an office. It provides clinical healthcare in the way of technology, such as Skype. This new way of therapy will be able to reach those that are not able to come into an office or uncomfortable about even leaving the comforts of their home. See This Page for related information.


Dr. Bennett is excited about new ways therapy can help the depressed society. She sees technology and therapy working together as a positive thing for her patients. She’s willing to do anything as a therapist to help find the balance of healthcare, and her patients living a healthy and happy life.



Equities First Holdings In Australia Shows Speed And Flexibility

Equities First Holdings of Austrailia is pleased to announce the expansion of their business. They have relocated their Australian branch in Melbourne to a more suitable locale due to increased business. They have also added staff members to accommodate their growing number of clients.

The primary pursuit of Equities Frist Holdings is providing an alternative source of capital for those individuals seeking to invest in hot projects. These could include personal stock purchases, business expansion, or any other use of capital. This ability to move quickly for their clients with minimal oversight is what makes the company special.

Known as an international lender they also have offices in several cosmopolitan cities around the globe. They are located in the United Kingdom, Thailand, Switzerland, and the United States as well. The ease and fluidity in which Equities First approaches business allows them to help their customers accomplish both professional and personal goals.

Their history shows they’ve been successfully operating for more than 15 years. They have over 700 transactions to their credit indicating longevity which speaks well of the distinctive opportunities that they provide. A 24 hour response time also indicates the speed of their business isn’t an obstacle for those who need to move quickly.

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Southridge Capital-Commitment for Financing Companies

Southridge Capital specializes in providing public companies with financial advisory services. The firm is fully committed to assisting its clients to meet their respective needs by offering them comprehensive and innovative financial services. Its executive team possesses an intuitive and broad understanding of all the marketplace trends. The team further has unmatched expertise in crafting and executing innovative financial plans. Under its advisory umbrella, the firm provides services that touch on all financial bases including financial analysis, where it crafts highly comprehensive financial statements on behalf of clients. The firm is well-known for offering its EPA (Equity Purchase Agreement), which helps firms raise their capital depending on their wishes.




Southridge Capital signed a $5 million EPA agreement with tech firm Elite Data Services. The agreement will enable the tech firm to offer new approaches to their advertising and marketing model. The tech firm seeks to increase its revenues going by its proprietary technologies following the signing of the agreement.




In a recent interview, Steve M. Hicks, the CEO of Southridge Capital and who is also the firm’s founding principal, explained how the firm which he launched in 1996 has been helping businesses with tailor-made financial solutions to help them achieve their financial goals. He got the idea of starting his firm when he was managing hedge fund for an NY-based firm. After the owner returned to Australia, Hicks decided to start the company using his hedge fund, while still working for the company that initially employed him. You can visit for more.





Asked how his typical day at Southridge Capital looks like, the CEO said his day starts with going through the firm’s portfolio. He then drafts a list of everything he intends to accomplish that day. He then divides his time between searching for opportunities and ensuring all investments are well on track. The CEO opines how his firm brings new ideas to life by working with companies that need financing. His most exciting trend is cryptocurrency. The focus is what makes the CEO more productive and successful as an investor.








Southridge Capital has given hope to firms that need financing. The firm envisions itself as a leader in the financial sector, and therefore hopes to partner with more other relevant companies.





OSI Food Solutions Doubles Chicken Production

OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions incorporated a high-capacity production line so that they could boost chicken output. The improvements took place in their Toledo, Spain plant. The 2017 renovation was said to incur 17 million euros. Before the establishment of this plant, OSI Group produced 12,000 tons of chicken. Since then, the number has doubled.

The increase in the output of chicken means an increase in the overall production of the company. According to an executive from OSI Group, the company will produce 45,000 tons of chicken, beef, and pork products annually. Additionally, the increase will boost the economy locally by providing 20 more additional jobs. The plant initially had 140 posts before the expansion and high capacity increase if chicken. The 20 jobs will incorporate the positions of managerial product development who will be responsible for managing the high-capacity production of chicken.

Reasons Behind the Increase in Chicken Production

Recently, the economic trends revealed that there was high demand for chicken consumption in Portugal and Spain. In Fact, the OSI Group Manager in that region stated that the need for chicken was increasing by eight percent during the past three years. With these reasons, OSI food solutions decided to double production of chicken to adjust to the demand.

OSI group decided to expand Spain’s plant by adding 22,000 square feet as a working space. Moreover, the firm also built a new production hall to feature the high-capacity production. The firm has also availed new facilities for shipping and receiving, supply storage, service areas, refrigerated rooms, and a social area for employees. With regards to the high-volume production of chicken, OSI group has established a new testing kitchen designed for improving products.

According to the OSI Food Solutions, Chief Operations Officer, David McDonald, the increase in production gives the firm an opportunity to add innovative products to its portfolio. Also, the Chief Operations Officer was delighted that the firm would add more job opportunities thus developing the economy. Apart from the expansion in Spain’s Plant, OSI Group recently purchased the former Tyson food Plant based in Chicago. This is with the aim of expanding their operations in North America. Moreover, OSI Group established a new plant in California to process beans. Also, there were expansions in the United Kingdom and Germany.

David McDonald is the President and Chief Operations Officer of OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive Officer of the firm, and they have cordial and working relations with David McDonald. The duo has contributed to the success of the firm significantly.

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Talos Energy Debuts On The NYSE Following Merger With Stone Energy

Offshore oil and gas company Talos Energy has begun publicly trading on the New York Stock Exchange in the aftermath of its $2 billion merger with Louisiana-based Stone Energy Corporation. Prior to the merger, Stone Energy Corporation, founded in 1993, had filed for bankruptcy protection, following a precipitous collapse in oil prices in 2016 resulting from a rapid acceleration of global surpluses of crude oil.

Houston-based Talos had previously intended to go public through an initial public offering, but the oil glut that led to Stone’s bankruptcy filing put those plans on hold. As Stone Energy was already being publicly traded on NYSE, the acquisition of a controlling interesting in the company meant Talos could go public without filing for an IPO as is common and was originally envisioned. The company now trades under the ticker “TALO”, and owns 63 percent of the merged company, with Stone shareholders controlling the remainder.

The deal sees the merger of two large offshore energy entities that operated in and around the Gulf of Mexico, and comes in the wake of Talos’ July 2017 “Zama discovery”, which saw the company discover an oil field along the southern coast of the Gulf of Mexico containing an estimated 2 billion barrels of crude oil. The find has been calculated to be one of the largest discoveries of shallow-water fields in the last two decades, and is expected to yield as many as 425 million barrels of usable crude oil.

In a statement announcing the merger and the new public status of his company, Talos founder and Chief Executive Officer Tim Duncan touted the oil producer as being “very well positioned to capitalize on its high-quality asset portfolio and returns-focused capital programs in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and offshore Mexico.”

Talos Energy was founded in 2012 by Duncan with the financial aid of private equity giants Riverstone Holdings and Apollo Global Management. Operating in the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico, the company is headed by a management team with an average thirty years of experience in the energy industry.

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A New Era of Campaigning with NGP VAN

Campaigning is an important and an undeniably crucial aspect of today’s politics in Washington DC, and even those of the past. The biggest difference between current and old methods is the way candidates and advocates go about spreading their messages across communities.


Companies like NGP VAN gives political campaigns (most notably Democrats) a platform from which to raise campaign funds; and they’re also able to organize, on the field and via a voter database. This is all done digitally, as it’s a much faster way of working and it is also an apparent fact that the data systems of today are transitioning to computers and other devices (if they haven’t already). NGP VAN was used by clients such as Barack Obama’s 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns, which proved highly successful, and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, as well as Bernie Sander’s 2016 campaign. They’re also active in Canada, used by the British Liberal Democrats and the Liberal Party of Canada.


NGP VAN is a merger of two companies; NGP Software and Voter Activation Network. They use innovative software for fundraising and to reach out to and gain the support of potential voters while also collecting data that could be used to optimize campaign performance. One of the company’s tools, which NGP VAN created, is VoteBuilder, and it’s used to track voter interaction. It also gets more people to go out and actually vote when the date of the election comes around. The contact information of potential voters like phone numbers and emails are also stored so that campaigners can reach out with pertinent information.


MiniVan is an app that canvassers can use to collect data on prospective voters. The best part is that the information is transmitted from the mobile app to the central database used by the campaigners, so that manual data entry isn’t necessary, and this is all in real-time, so that members on a network operating in different areas have access to campaign information. This software is especially useful in an age where grassroot campaigns are very prominent. Individuals who take to the streets to interact with potential voters can do so easily without the limitations of paper lists or mindless data entry.


NGP VAN also offers NGP software, which checks and reports whether or not a campaign is trending anywhere on the internet. This is big, considering that most people have regular access to the internet, and that some are consistent users.

The Investing Editors: Jeff Yastine and Ted Bauman

Jeff Yastine thinks of himself as a former journalist reporting on worldly financial matters, a reporter that interviewed the world’s leading investment experts, worked to create content for entrepreneurs and investors and gathered good advise from being around all these types of people that helped in return to become a successful investor. After graduating with a journalism degree from the University of Florida, Jeff moved to North Carolina. He worked as a television reporter in the Raleigh area. Years later he became a member of PBS’s staff. He worked as the Miami, Florida based anchor. At that time in 1993, PBS’s nightly program was the most watched financial news show on television. More than one million residences viewed the show a night. Being a national correspondent, gave Jeff Yastine the opportunity to learn about and spot new investment opportunities. He began to spot emerging companies that would go on to be huge investments for those wanting to buy shares of a company on the stock market. Visit to know more.

Today, Jeff Yastine works as a contributor for several publications. He is an editor for Total Wealth Insider where he writes content to inspire and aid people in growing and managing their wealth. He is a weekly contributor for another publication where he writes on the economy and profit making opportunities. His weekly reads help investors to understand trends and business.

After two decades of financial journalism, Jeff Yastine became the editorial director of Banyan Hill Publishing. Today, he works closely with editor Tom Bauman for the online publication. The staff at this publication are all experts on finances, business and investing. They work together as a team to create content their readers are eager to engage with. Their goal as a team of writers are to help guide investors on financial decisions with their many years of experience. Follow Jeff on Twitter.

Banyan Hill Publishing has been around since the late 1990s. The company decided to change its branding in 2016 and changed the name from its previous name of The Sovereign Society to Banyan Hill Publishing. This name change was due to how the site wanted to focus on asset protection, income investment opportunities and wealth building for the average American who may want to invest but lacks the resources on how to achieve this.

Jeff Yastine is an incredible investor with a writing talent. His writings have helped Americans become better educated investors and successful businesspeople. View:


Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff Be Doing A Whole Lot

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, Sean Penn’s debut novel does a whole lot of stuff as it bites into a good chunk of problems and social issues as seen through the eyes by Bob Honey, a septic tank salesman, and part-time government assassin. Penn’s book composed by dictation is made up of poetry, rants, and stories about Bob Honey. As Bob Honey responds to the things going on in his world, we can sort of see Penn’s frustrated point of view as he addresses issues such as disaster cleanup and humanitarianism, #MeToo, environmental responsibility, and bullying.

Interestingly in Penn’s novel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a contract assassin and his targets are elderly people who overuse resources. Once they get to a certain point the government marks them for death and Bob Honey goes in and does away with them with his mallet. The elderly people are metaphors for industries that use too many resources and eliminating them is necessary for the survival of the society at large. Though Bob Honey might seem quite dark in his side gig as an assassin, he vibrantly mirrors the humanitarianism efforts of the author when he travels to Iraq to see the damage after the war ends. Honey also goes in at the drop of a hat to help with the relief work following a devastating hurricane in the US. Bob Honey shows what he is passionate about with his humanitarian efforts and has a pro-left sided political stance but then seems to vent his frustration with the #MeToo Movement. Bob Honey addresses the movement with a series of questions as he asks what happened to due process, and if the whole thing is a toddlers’ crusade that reduces rape to reckless child’s play with accusation impunity. While Penn is in support of female empowerment and believes that workplace harassment should not be tolerated, he is clearly critical of a movement that promotes the swift smacking hand of an internet jury instead of due practice.


Among quite a few other issues and problems such as #MeToo, environmental responsibility, and humanitarianism in Bob Honey’s America, the character also confronts bullying done by the cotton candy haired landlord. The cotton candy haired landlord is President Trump, and Bob Honey confronts him by challenging him to a Twitter duel. Besides the invitation to a Twitter duel for the landlord, the epilogue takes a look at the 2016 presidential campaign as Bob Honey describes the landlord being dwarfed by a million women on the day of his inauguration. There is so much to be observed in Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff such as powerful prose, uncommon descriptive words, actual events are seen from the perspective of Bob Honey with his own anger and criticism, familiar sounding groups such as Yellow Lives Matter and a character named Fletcher based on El Chapo just to name a few things.

Jim Toner Helps People Find Financial Independence with “12 Little Houses Plan”

IdeaMensch recently published an interview with the popular Real Estate Investor and Philanthropist, Jim Toner. Not only is he one of the leading real estate investors, but he is also a speaker, consultant and radio show host.

His career as a speaker has led him around the country to demonstrate the possibilities in real estate investing. He has appeared with speakers like Bill Bartmann, Frank McKinney, and the Napoleon Hill Foundation among others.

Jim Toner feels that his purpose as a speaker and real estate investor is to demonstrate to the general populace how real estate can be the right investment for him. His knowledge is so much in demand that people will often spend upwards of $15,000 to hear him speak on the real estate investment programs. After spending a quarter of a century in real estate investment, he has knowledge to spare. By teaching people through his custom real estate investment program called the “12 Little Houses Plan”, he helps people gain more independence and financial freedom. He also has private client coaching groups, all of which have long wait lists.

As mentioned in Crunchbase, hist team consists of what he calls the “Band of Rebels”. He feels it is an attitude as well as a name for the seasoned entrepreneurs on his team. They understand the difficulties involved in the world of business that can hamper the normal entrepreneur.

The interview reveals that Toner’s secret to success is a typical day that starts at 5:30 in the morning. However, he believes that life isn’t all about work. He spends the morning listening to podcasts or audiobooks while he works out in the morning. By the time he begins to work at around 9 in the morning, both his mind and his body are prepared for the day ahead.

He also doesn’t believe in the to-do list. He simply sets priorities and goes with the flow. He follows the impulse of his ideas, without spending too much time thinking about it. Toner reveals that too often, entrepreneurs will get stuck on the idea. They will be too focused on thinking about the implementation of it rather than actually doing it. Eventually it causes them to talk themselves out of it because they begin to imagine what would happen if the idea doesn’t work.

He feels one of the keys to get moving is to clarify. Entrepreneurs need to discover what they need to do to get their idea off the ground as well as who they will need to make it take off. Testing possible results is also a large key to success and failure of some of them is simply a part of the process. But some of them will succeed and those wins can change a person’s life.

Toner is also a dedicated philanthropist and is known for his work with the homeless and veterans. He is on the advisory board of the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Salvation Army and is a member of the Caring House Project Foundation.