O2PUR – Revolutionizing Vaping

O2PUR is a reputable company who sells ecig (electronic cigarette) and ecig supplies. For someone who is new trying an ecig they put together a starter kit which includes everything you need to get started. If you would rather of course, you can pick out your own hardware and made in the US ecig flavors with this trusted brand.

For ecig smokers, it is much more conventional and cost effective than other habits yet still satisfies your taste buds and lungs. O2PUR’s e-liquid’s and pens come in an array of flavors that are smooth and tasty, such as, strawberry, blueberry, green apple, cherry, tobacco flavor, menthol, ripple, coast, and watermelon. You can also choose your flavor to be “frozen” with a hint of menthol for that cool, crisp taste.

Their products are also highly affordable, you can save a lot of money buying the kits they have, and are also coming out with new vape modification box’s which are similar to an ecig but it is much bigger and you can get more of an inhalation of e-liquid. Ecigs and vape mods are more acceptable at public places, do not harm the environment, and are easy to use while giving off a pleasant scent. The mist of air they give off quickly dissipates. On their website and with instructional videos on YouTube, O2PUR is very informative on how to use all of their products and wants to make sure consumers know everything about them.

The other products they offers to customers include their e-liquid infused with smooth nicotine salts, with a special offer going on now when you buy two bottles that are 60ml, you get one for free. They also have different size bottles to choose from in 10ml bottle, 60, or 120ml bottle. The vape pens and accessories are included on their website, you can choose the nicotine strength on your e-liquid to either 6mg, 12, or 24mg.

If you choose none they offer flavors without any nicotine as well. The other products they offer include the replacement coils for the vape box mod’s, they have USB charging cables, car charger adapters, wall charger adapters, carrying cases, and also they have super batteries which have much more power than a standard better and lasts longer. Their super pens are something that is available and those are just like the standard vape pens you can purchase but these ones have more give of an inhalation setting with the super coil in it, and it also has a charging port in it so you can vape while it charges. So no need to buy all of your accessories somewhere else when you can get everything you need with O2PUR.

Ian King Offers Bayan Hill Publishing Readers More

Ian King has had a long history of success in the markets, including a ten year stint trading options as a head investor at the Hedge Fund Peahi Capital. More recently, he has developed an interactive cypto currency investment solution and educational tool for Banyan Hill publishing readers. Not only does he write about crypto currency but he trades them himself. With over 20 years of experience analyzing the markets and trading at high level positions, he has secured himself in the cutting edge of investment knowledge.

As an opinion leader in the crypto currency marketplace, the tools he has created have helped new investors get started in what is steadily becoming one of the most lucrative and profitable financial markets on this planet. Crypto currency is popular among younger investors who are on their computers and are looking for ways to invest. Read more at Talk Markets.

Also, Ian King is a weekly author and contributor on Banyan Hill’s Sovereign Investor Daily. Furthermore, the three part outperforming crypto currency selector he has designed has shown to contribute to an increase in many of his followers’ portfolios. Therefore, his students look to his weekly examinations of the crypto markets on his weekly contribution to the Banyan Hill Soveriegn Investor Daily.

Overall Ian King is a wise investor who has seen much success, and has secured a leading position in the world of crypto currency trading. This financial wizard can do just about anything. His readers are now, more than ever, carefully following him using all the tools that he has designed in order to increase the value of their own individual portfolios.

Ian King Banyan has shown value as a hedge fund manager and now as a writer, and individual crypto currency trader. People all over the world look to him for ideas and inspiration on when and how to invest in crypto currencies. Consider looking into all of the products he has made in order to learn how you can become more knowledgeable of the crypto currency trading world. Learn more: https://www.stockgumshoe.com/2018/02/microblog-ian-kings-new-crypto-selection-that-will-be-bigger-than-bitcoin-announced-last-thursday/

Real Estate Wealth by Coaching and Experience, the Jim Toner Story

Opportunities whether in business, personal life or anywhere are rare, and it takes a combination of chance and readiness to identify one. That is what happened to Jim Toner twenty-seven years ago when he saw an informative commercial on how people were drawing wealth from real estate. Without getting carried by the details, he decided to grab the chance at once and enrolled in the program which included a mentor. This marked the genesis of his success.

From his teen years, he always wanted to make legal money but was not sure of which route that would take. This motivated him to read stories about people who had nothing to start with but ended up rich. A few months after enrolling in the program, he pocketed $10,000 with relatively less effort. This was followed by more deals and one of which according to Jim Toner made more money than he had ever made in two of his previous jobs. As more success followed, his rise could not be hidden, and people started coming to him with questions and for advice.

At that juncture, he decided to start a coaching team advisory on how to create wealth from real estate, leading to the birth of Jim Toner’s Wealth Builders in 2008. Based in Pittsburg, the firm provides a two-month mentorship program and investment courses to its clients. Mentors at the firm are experienced traders with real estate portfolios worth millions. The company has produced successful investment careers for hundreds of people.

Jim Toner is a successful writer, businessman and radio show host on real estate matters. He has worked with F. McKinney and Napoleon Hill Foundation among others with features on FOX, CNN, ABC, CBS and several international business newspapers.

Jim Toner has authored two books, “Serendip” and “The Consumer’s Guide to Investment Real Estate: How to Profit in today’s Market Using History’s Greatest Wealth Builder”. The latter is a paperback publication that goes for $19.95 on Amazon. The book reveals all the truths about real estate wealth creation ways that the successful people have been keeping away from the public. Jim Toner goes ahead to expose scam artists and fraudster who seek to get away with innocent people money, revealing their lies and pitfalls.

He introduces Jim’s wealth real estate creation system identifying people who have achieved their financial freedom dreams by using it. Jim Toner identifies real estate investment opportunities both for seasoned investors or new ones. He calls the book a blueprint with real-life case studies and the system he is using. The book has been a success leading to Jim Toner and his team to reach out to more people by opening training centers in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Ohio. Jim Toner continues to work with coaching groups and private customers on real estate wealth creation.

Check out Jim Toner’s list of books here: https://www.thriftbooks.com/a/jim-toner/478220/

Tony Petrello Gets Nabors Industries Involved In Hurricane Harvey Cleanup

Tony Petrello has usually deployed man power to build new wells and open new oil shafts, but when the deadliest storm on record, hurricane Harvey hit Houston and the rest of the Texas coast, he sent it to help with cleanup. Petrello runs one of the world’s largest drilling companies as Chief Executive Officer  of Nabors Industries, and though tough deadlines have to be met for production, he understood the importance of keeping everyone safe and making sure they had time to address any issues at their homes. But he also decided to pay any employees who volunteered to help rescue and cleanup teams overtime pay. Petrello opened up a public donation page to raise money for all victims affected by the damage which raised over $170,000.

Tony Petrello has quite a track record managing a major publicly-traded company. Nabors Industries owns some of the highest rated rigs and has invested a lot into new computer-operated rig technology. High end data analytics are also employed in its drilling operations. Petrello also led a big acquisition this last year to integrate the technologies of Tesco Corporation with Nabors Industries as part of a stock merger, and there will now be new drilling sites opened with the new SANAD venture Nabors entered with Saudi Aramco.

While Tony Petrello is most known for making major stock and drilling deals, he has several accomplishments made before he joined Nabors Industries. His childhood and college story of being a mathematics genius is told by his former roommate Lloyd Grove of the Daily Beast. He often solved mathematics problems on paper napkins during lunch breaks at school, and while he was attending Yale he was a protege of mathematician Serge Lange. After leaving Yale, Petrello decided law was where he wanted to go, so he completed law school and joined the New York law firm Baker & McKenzie in 1979. He became a partner there in 1986 and stayed on until 1991 when he moved to Houston to become Chief Operating Officer of Nabors. Petrello was appointed CEO in 2011 and was given the role of chairman one year later. Other little known details about Petrello include being a friend of Broadway actor Tommy Tune and having him over at his house for a reception. He also serves as a trustee to the Texas Children’s Hospital where he’s given $7 million to fund neurology studies and initiatives for genetics cures.

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Why Dallas, Texas Can Be The Best Place For Plastic Surgery

Right now in America there is a serious obesity issue and many of us out there are doing what we can to reduce that, healthy diets and exercise is becoming more and more common. One of the largest issues that comes with losing excessive weight is the lingering saggy skin that can seriously undermine the recently gained confidence.

This will cause many of us out there to explore the avenues available to us in plastic surgery. This area of medicine generally tends to get a bit of a negative outlook, seemingly only vanity procedures for the elites out there but this is not the case.

Many of the procedures held within plastic surgery are designed to repair or reconstruct the missing or broken parts of people’s anatomy. This also includes procedures like face and butt lifts. The butt lift is a procedure that is designed to reduce the visibility of drooping skin left over from weight loss.

The Brazilian butt lift is another procedure that is on the other side of the butt lift because it is designed to add volume and contours to the backside. The Brazilian butt lift is gaining popularity and can be done most expertly by any of the amazingly skilled and experience plastic surgeons in and around Dallas, Texas.

Some of the most notable examples would be Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, an experienced plastic surgeon and holder of the Compassionate Doctor Certificate. Dr. Rod J Rohrich is another example of a highly skilled plastic surgeon.

In addition to individual practitioners there is also a good number of facilities dedicated to nothing but plastic surgery. The Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute is one fantastic example, host to some of the most experienced surgeons that utilize not only the best and top of the line equipment but also place an exceptionally high importance on patient safety.

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The RealReal Changing how the world sees Fashion and Retail

The company RealReal is currently a cosignment store that is changing the fashion industry. People are enjoying the accessibility of high fashion and the low price of items that were previously owned. They started first as a start up company but through sheer will power of the staff and the execution of the organization they now have their own facility. They interact one-on-one with customers without the help of a shopping center.

The RealReal has named themselves as the premier leader in luxury resell retail of fashion items. Selling to their customers authenticated, pre-owned, or designer brands and go all the way up to 90% off the original retail value. One is able to actually shop looking at displays in their physical stores, scanning these items and shopping for them online all at the same time. At RealReal the website allows customers to purchase also not just clothing, but jewelry and other fashion accessories with high percentages off retail price. Being apart of RealReal makes you not just a customer, but also an owner in that you’re able to sell your own bags, shoes, clothes or jewelry for a profit.

In their physical store they have a variety of things to entertain and attract customers. While one section is a row of available displays that you can shop online. Another flooe of the building contains a wall of sliding racks that allow customers to see mostly hidden cabinets. And within these elegantly hidden cabinets an open chest full of a treasure trove of clothes or items that many describe as a sensational experience.

The online experience is definitely one to try out and enjoy when shopping with RealReal online. However, many say that they will never miss out on the experience of walking in and feeling the fabric in your hand and making a decision based off of first hand experience. Often times when looking at photos of potential purchases whether it be clothing or jewelry we see that to make the photo more aesthetic pleasing some places use photoshop. Either way missing out on the RealReal is something many are not willing to miss out on once they have gotten a taste. However, all new ideas potentially come with a cost. Someone recently went to the news stating their piece of jewelry was given a certain carat weight at purchase, but when measured it allegedly was actually less. RealReal stated nothing in response to this and will continue to promote luxurious resell retail.

Hussain Sajwani; his Life, Success, and Career at DAMAC Properties

It is factual that running a leading commercial real estate property developer comes with impending challenges. For Hussain Sajwani, this has never posed as a barrier between him and creating entrepreneurial relationships. Being an enthusiastic business professional, Sajwani has worked hard over the years to accomplish his dreams. Here is a narration of his success stories from a tender age.


Early Life

Sajwani grew up in the Middle East. Perhaps it is more fundamental to highlight his plea of experiencing tremendous challenges as a child. Growing up, he spent a better part of his childhood learning the ropes of business in his father’s jurisdiction. As such, he managed to grasp the necessary skills of business management. Of course, in these lessons, were first-hand unpleasant experiences in business. However, he was not discouraged at any point in life.


Background Check

Even though growing up came with its challenges, Sajwani dedicated time and resources to pursuing education. He earned a full scholarship to the University of Washington. After school, he landed an employment opportunity at GASCO, where he served as the contracts manager. In his capacity as one, he oversaw the leadership and management of projects within the industry. After working for few months, Sajwani’s interests shifted to business where he decided to venture into food catering.


The Catering Business

Sajwani’s catering business registered excellent performance as within a short while of the opening; the company was already serving up to 12,000 clients. But that was not all; these clients hailed from different industries in the Middle East.


DAMAC Properties

Away from the food catering business, Sajwani invested in real estate. Here, he managed to purchase land in Dubai’s most controlling geographical location. Then, he established DAMAC Properties. Perhaps this is his sole identity as he has often used DAMAC Properties to strengthen ties between his business and America’s entrepreneurial networks.


More Information on DAMAC Properties

The real estate company has made tremendous groundbreaking records as a commercial firm that designs, structures and issues commercial and residential property. With Hussain Sajwani’s leadership, the business has continued to establish strong entrepreneurial networks for its development.

Who is the DAMAC Owner, Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani was born in 1953 to a father who was passionate about being an entrepreneur, father like son is fitting here. He did extremely well in school, so well in fact that he was one of only few students who was sent to the United States to receive is college education.


Sajwani has had many different experiences in the business world to decide where he fits in the best. In 1981 he worked in the finance department of a gas company. He then moved on to open his own catering company specifically for the US Military which is a big stretch from where he started and where he is currently.


In 2002, he founded DAMAC which is a very big real estate company in the middle east. DAMAC is considered is known as a very extravagant real estate company. So far this company has built over 19,000 apartment and over 40,000 are still in the process of being built. One of the reasons this company is specifically well known in the US is because they were involved in a golf course that Tiger Woods Designed and the Trump Organization currently manages. Since the opening of this golf course, DAMAC has built at least two other golf courses specifically for the Trump Organization. He worked with Donald Trump himself to complete these projects.


Not only is DAMAC so big and luxurious but they are also very open about their charity work. Specifically, back in 2015, the company donated 1 Million dollars to the UAE Compassion Campaign. This campaign supports hundreds to thousands of refugees from Jordan and Lebanon. They focus specifically on helping cities in countries that are targeted in a bad way. They help people they know really need help in foreign countries like the one he grew up and still lives in.

AvaTrade Review: The Dublin Based Forex Broker Review

Forex trading is one of the most popular online income generating activities today. Many people are spending large chunks of their time online as they try to make money on forex trading platforms. Some platforms are known to give traders an upper hand in making profits than others. One of those top rated forex trading platforms is AvaTrade review. This brokerage firm was created in 2006 in Dublin Ireland. It has since grown to become one of the largest platforms in the world with offices in New York, Tokyo, and Milan. The Central Bank of Ireland oversees the trades of this institution to ensure that it operates within the required rules of forex trading. Various other institutions also regulate its operations in countries where it provides its services.


AvaTrade provides its clients with an opportunity to trade by opening their standard account. This account requires a minimum of $100 to open. On depositing the money into the account, one can freely trade at a leverage of 1:400. Traders are also free to choose whether they want to trade on fixed or variable spreads. Many of their clients have submitted that AvaTrade’s spreads are one of the most competitive among the numerous other online forex trading platforms.


Another feature that makes AvaTrade unique is their numerous types of orders that they allow clients to choose from. Online traders from Ireland and the UK are also eligible to spread betting trading. New clients are also not overlooked by these online brokers. They are offered a demo account that is active for three weeks. From this account, they can slowly learn about forex trading. The client’s funds are also ever safe since AvaTrade puts them in segregated accounts.


One of the newest trends in forex is CFD trading. AvaTrade is one of the pioneering brokers of this lucrative trade. They were also among the initial brokers to enable traders to use Bitcoins from their regular accounts. Their website has a very friendly user interface making navigation from one button to the other very easy. It is also available in multiple languages. Therefore, even those who are not English speaking can freely trade on this platform without having to overcome the language barrier.

How the Academy of Art University Contributed to Coco

Last year, a movie came out that captured the hearts of people around the world. Combining Hispanic culture, gorgeous animation, and a breathtaking soundtrack, Pixar film Coco dazzled audiences so much that it became the recipient of the most highly coveted award in the film business: an Academy Award. But how did Coco become the best animated picture? Daniel Arriaga, the senior director at Pixar, credits much of his success to his alma matter: the Academy of Art University in San Fransisco.

Arriaga stated in a recent interview that his experience at the University and training in art and animation made Coco into the success it is today. As someone with Hispanic culture and background, Arriaga also wanted to make sure that Coco’s cultural elements were as accurate as possible so he used the movie to address some common misconceptions about Dio de los Muertos. His artistic training from the Academy of Art University came in handy when designing the city of the dead, sugar skull, and gorgeous flowers that decorate most of the movie’s background. Animating the skeleton characters in the movie proved to be a big challenge as well, but Arriaga and his team proved that skeletons don’t have to be scary and even breathed some life and humor into the skeletons residing in the city of the dead.

After Coco was complete, Arriaga returned to his alma mater to meet with current students and share his success in animation. He emphasized to them the importance of creating a portfolio early on and working hard to keep improving. Arriaga inspired the students that he met with and made them realize that they had the opportunity to do great things, too.

The Academy of Art University is known as the largest privately owned art and design school in the United Stated, and has been home to many famous names, including actress Lauren Conrad, actress and singer Raven Symone, photographer Deanne Fitzmaurice, and many more. Established in 1929, this historic school is known for its rigorous training in all forms of art, including film, photography, fashion, and interior design.

Students at the Academy of Art University can earn their associate’s or bachelor’s degrees in a wide variety of topics. Master’s degrees are available in topics such as architecture and fine art.

Another noteworthy fact about the Academy of Art University is that students regularly compete at an extremely high level. You would be likely to see Academy of Art students at New York Fashion Week or receiving All-American honors for their athletic abilities. It’s no surprise that an alum of such a hands-on university was involved in the production of one of the most renowned animated movies of the year.

Find ut more about Academy of Art University: https://www.tripadvisor.com/AttractionsNear-g60713-d5789272-Academy_of_Art_University-San_Francisco_California.html