Adam Milsten: The role of IAC in promoting the Jewish identity

Israeli-American Council is the largest pro-Israeli organization in the United States. This organization holds an annual conference that brings together thousands of Jewish-Americans and Israeli-Americans. Prominent people grace the conferences among the Jewish community. The agenda is always to address issues surrounding Jewish life. The strength of the Israeli-American community is always the priority of this conference. The number of people attending this conference has been increasing over the years since 2014. The first conference only had 650 people, but now there are thousands of people attending.

Embracing the Jewish identity

Adam Milstein is the co-founder and the national chairman of the IAC. He says that the most important aspect of this organization is that it has become a movement that believes in the strengthening of the Jewish identity. Before the organization was started, very few people of Jewish origin were courageous enough to relate themselves to the Israeliness, but now, thousands of Israeli-Americans are proud to be associated with the Jewish community.

Facing challenges as a team

Adam Milstein believes that this organization is encouraging Israeli-Americans to show their love for America, while at the same time associating themselves with their motherland, Israel. Through the support of Milstein and others, IAC has grown its offices from the one in Los Angeles to 27 in different states. This organization has brought Israeliness into the United States, hence creating a bond between the Jews living in Israel and those in the United States. Adam Milstein wishes that both groups could speak with one voice on matters related to the community. There is growing concern over the delegitimization and anti-Semitism, issues that Milstein hopes can be dealt with through promotion of Jewish unity.

Strengthening the bond

Through the efforts of this organizations, the Israeli-American people have become a core pillar in promoting the relationship between Israeli and American people. This relation is making the lives of Israeli-Americans vibrant and preparing them to fight against anti-Semitism with one voice. IAC is a movement that will last for generations, judging by the foundation that is being laid by the current leadership led by Adam Milstein.

Some Facts about the Life Alastair Borthwick

He was one of the Scottish soldiers who fought for the country during the Second World War. Some of the positions that he held as a soldier was a battalion intelligence officer. Alastair Borthwick worked as a copy taker on the Evening Times during his early years. Years later, he joined Daily Mirror where he was hired as a reporter. After he lost his job at the newspaper company, he became a radio broadcaster. According to him, he felt that it was the best job for him. He was raised in Troon, Ayrshire.

After the end of the war, he started working as a producer in the local radio and TV stations. Borthwick’s writing talents were displayed when he wrote about 150 popular programs including Spellbinders. The former Scottish soldier was passionate about writing and would write about a thousand words in the morning and go fishing later in the day. He always believed that there was room for improvement in any work. Alastair Borthwick was involved in organizing several exhibitions in the country.

Mr. Borthwick died in 2003 aged 90 years. Always A Little Further and Sans Peur are some of his best works in literature. In Always A Little Further, he talks about a movement where people moved into the Scottish hills. The genre earned him national recognition. The main aim for the movement was to explore the beautiful mountains as the rate of unemployment was very high in many countries around the world. Years later, the movement spread to Europe and that led to the formation of the National Youth Hostels Associations. The participants hoped that they would use the adventures to have fun and avoid too much stress due to unemployment. There were no charges to participate in the hiking.

The former soldier was one of the hikers and spent a lot of time in moving into the mountains during the weekends where they slept under the rocks. During the adventure, he met some friends including Berry Pickers and Tramps. Always A Little Further consisted of memorable characters and there is a lot of humor in it.