The successful career of Todd Levine

A vast number of lawyers in America were recently recognized for the excellent work they have been doing since the beginning of their careers. Among them include Todd Levine, who was highly apprehended for his notable contributions and skills he has showcased as a commercial litigator. The renowned attorney has solved many disputes concerning commercial real estate transactions and constructions. Additionally, other attorney gurus were also recognized for their expertise in various fields including Alan Kluger who received accreditation for his expertise on family law, finance, and other commercial related issues. Additionally, Deborah Chames was also recognized for the great skills she has in family law among other lawyers in the organization.


Todd Levine has been serving in the field of law for a couple of years, and he is today among the most respected attorney in the country. Todd Levine has showcased special skills in the field, and he strives to identify the hidden issues in every case to use them to win the case. His strategies as an attorney have profoundly contributed to his successes in his career field, and he has continued to conduct researches to acquire more skills for the benefit of his clients. Todd Levine has gained the trust of his clients through his humble nature and ability to encourage and give them hope even at the darkest moments. He also engages with a vast number of people in the commercial real estate industry with the aim of teaching them the basic rules in the sector.


The ability of Todd Levine to adopt innovative strategies in the course of his career has also brought positive results in the cases he has handled regarding commercial real estate matters. Todd Levine is also a famous artist, and he uses his skills in music to improve his profession.

Krishen Iyer Touts The Benefits Of His Companies Online Platform

Krishen Iyer of Encinitas, California is a busy professional in the insurance industry. He has developed a career out of getting great leads to insurance providers. After graduating from San Diego State University in 2004, he established Name My Premium. this was a marketing firm in the insurance industry that was identified as one of the fastest growing companies on the Inc 5000.

He now heads Managed Benefits Services, a company he founded in 2016. This company focuses just on providing health insurance and dental insurance leads. Krishen Iyer created a proprietary platform that the leads are offered to. One of the big problems in the insurance leads is that they are usually pretty bad and often outdated. His system gathers the leads from many providers, runs them through algorithms, and only the best ones are presented to his customers.

Managed Benefits Services’ platform has several levels of tools that can be used to customize the leads. In addition to this platform, Krishen Iyer also develops online marketing strategies for his customers. This can include email marketing campaigns and other ways of attracting clients to his customer’s location. He also offers assistance to his customers in the form of showing them how to structure their market verticals which results in higher profits and more prospects.

A trend that Kristen Iyer says is taking over in the healthcare insurance industry is increased pricing transparency. He says that far too often consumers face very confusing pricing structures. They are left not at all understanding why they have to pay so much for tests, medications, insurance, and other healthcare related things. He says that some major companies like Amazon are beginning to push for more transparency so that people know what they’re actually paying for and can make more informed choices.

A New Era of Campaigning with NGP VAN

Campaigning is an important and an undeniably crucial aspect of today’s politics in Washington DC, and even those of the past. The biggest difference between current and old methods is the way candidates and advocates go about spreading their messages across communities.


Companies like NGP VAN gives political campaigns (most notably Democrats) a platform from which to raise campaign funds; and they’re also able to organize, on the field and via a voter database. This is all done digitally, as it’s a much faster way of working and it is also an apparent fact that the data systems of today are transitioning to computers and other devices (if they haven’t already). NGP VAN was used by clients such as Barack Obama’s 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns, which proved highly successful, and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, as well as Bernie Sander’s 2016 campaign. They’re also active in Canada, used by the British Liberal Democrats and the Liberal Party of Canada.


NGP VAN is a merger of two companies; NGP Software and Voter Activation Network. They use innovative software for fundraising and to reach out to and gain the support of potential voters while also collecting data that could be used to optimize campaign performance. One of the company’s tools, which NGP VAN created, is VoteBuilder, and it’s used to track voter interaction. It also gets more people to go out and actually vote when the date of the election comes around. The contact information of potential voters like phone numbers and emails are also stored so that campaigners can reach out with pertinent information.


MiniVan is an app that canvassers can use to collect data on prospective voters. The best part is that the information is transmitted from the mobile app to the central database used by the campaigners, so that manual data entry isn’t necessary, and this is all in real-time, so that members on a network operating in different areas have access to campaign information. This software is especially useful in an age where grassroot campaigns are very prominent. Individuals who take to the streets to interact with potential voters can do so easily without the limitations of paper lists or mindless data entry.


NGP VAN also offers NGP software, which checks and reports whether or not a campaign is trending anywhere on the internet. This is big, considering that most people have regular access to the internet, and that some are consistent users.

Whitney Wolfe Entering into the Realm of Professional Networking through Bumble Bizz

     The dating app named Bumble was launched in the market in December 2014, and since then has risen in popularity like wildfire. People have appreciated how Bumble has put women first and has provided a space for them to socialize without being subject to abuse or bullying. Whitney Wolfe, the founder of Bumble, has herself being subject to abuse and intimidation when she used the dating apps herself and feels that it is something that can be eliminated from the online dating app experience by only making this simple tweak.

When only female members are allowed to start a chat with the male members, one can be sure that the male members who are used to objectifying and abusing women don’t get their chance of doing so again on Bumble. Many women have welcomed this move, and so have men. The majority of the target audience of Bumble has appreciated and understood why Bumble had introduced such a feature, and what the benefits of it are. Whitney Wolfe says that while it has taken some time for many members to adjust to this new rule of women-first, the wave of curiosity has now settled as Bumble has entered the mainstream dating business.

Whitney Wolfe has ensured her business and marketing prowess helps Bumble to grow without hindrance. In order to achieve its long-term objective of grabbing the bigger market share as well as to provide better value to the members, Whitney Wolfe recently announced the launch of Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz. Both these features would be housed within Bumble but would work independently as its own platform. Bumble BFF can be used by the members to make new friends and expand their social network, whereas Bumble Bizz would be used to expand the professional network of the people.

Many people are comparing Bumble Bizz with Linkedin, but Whitney Wolfe says that while the fundamental principle of expanding professional network remains the same with both Bumble Bizz and Linkedin, they are both different types of platforms. Bumble Bizz is more social and casual in nature and functioning, whereas Linkedin comes across as very formal, which Whitney Wolfe thinks can be intimidating as well. Bumble Bizz also allows people in same demography only to connect, which helps in connecting faster. If the professionals connect through Bumble Bizz, they are usually within the same area or city, which ensures that they can take things forward more quickly.

Mr. Louis Chenevert is a Highly Successful Man

Mr. Louis Chenevert is someone who gained great success with various paths that he has gone down in his life. The time that he spent at United Technology Corporation was a growing time for him, and he provided the corporation with much in the way of knowledge and services, as well. He helped to take UTC to a new level, providing them with the support that has allowed them to move on. His willingness to invest in technology and the future has helped UTC to become something bigger and better than what it ever was before.

Mr. Louis Chenevert hasn’t only been successful at UTC and with the work that he has completed there. He received an Honor Award from the National Building Museum in 2009. He was recognized for some of the work that he was doing, and he was given credit for all that he was getting done. He is someone who is respected by many.
In 2011, Mr. Louis Chenevert was honored again. This time, he was given an honorary doctorate from HEC Montreal. He was given a degree for all that he has done, something that shows him that others respect him and the work that he has completed.
Mr. Louis Chenevert was given a high honor in 2011. He was named Person of the Year by Aviation Week & Space Technology. This was something that was done to show him once again the respect that others have for him. This was something that was given to him because of the great work that he is doing and the way that he is helping to advance research and technology. He was noticed for all that he had accomplished and given an award to help push him on to continue to accomplish great things.

Chenevert stepped down as CEO of UTC in 2014. He is currently an exclusive advisor at Goldman Sachs.

The NuoDb Cloud Database and their Optimization Process

NuoDb is a well-known database company. It was founded in 2008 with the name “NimbusDB” and then changed its name to NuoDB in 2011. Their cloud database works with SQL destined for cloud applications. However, the architecture is slightly different because it seeks a balance of performance versus preserving the ACID guarantees of a regular database system. The NuoDb cloud database works great. Every time a new server is added in order to handle the superior workload, it runs faster than the standard velocity expected from the standard database programs.  This process is known as “scale-out,” and it is able to do so in high-velocity without creating new individual partitions.


NuoDb’s cloud database is well-designed and it seeks to optimize every process so it can run faster, to the point that it can actually process at a speed greater than 1 million transactions per second.


With several partnerships including the newly announced alliance with CauseSquare, the NuoDb cloud database is gaining great success working for multiple platforms who are satisfied with the service that they are providing.


If you are interesting in testing a database that has the scale-out functionality and is also able to be used with SQL in cloud applications, NuoDb is one of the best ones in the market and it’s being supported by a very dedicated team.

Thunder Down Under: Lingerie clashes with marriage rights in a flash mob protest featuring Honey Birdette

Scantily-clad protestors marched triumphantly down the streets of Sydney, cheering their support and giving onlookers an impromptu lingerie runway show – down city streets.

About 60 Honey Birdette employees, models and fans gathered and protested their support for marriage equality, the rights for any couple to get married – flash mob style.

The event organizers chose the flash mob style rally because of its ease and convenienced in use. A flash mob is a rally where participants are notified of the event location at last minutes notice via social media, which usually identifies the location or meeting spot.

This is in reaction to upcoming legislation on September 12th, which has been a hot button and controversial issues for Australian lawmakers and politicians.
The event was also on Facebook, live streamed, drawing much reaction from the online community including alternating outbursts of love and hate, positivity and criticisms.

In another piece of sexy media Honey Birdette coverage…..

A Rundle Mall locale has been the scene of outrage….possibly some controversy. Passerby’s, onlookers and shoppers alike have been the audience of an extremely provactive and racy ad that is causing quite a commotion.

This is in regards to an advertising campaign, a set of two posters to be exact that shows a female nipple. The female nipple is dressed in the lingerie of Honey Birdette, the posters are on the windows of the retail store location.

Interviews were taken with various shoppers who gave comments on what they thought about the ad campaign

Shoppers were conflicted, some took a neutral stance. Others were hardliners, saying that it was entirely inappropriate for children.

Yet others thought the nipple plus lingerie combination was a perfect match and made total sense. The controversy has reached the offices of government, about whether or not the graphic images should be removed.

Eva Moskowitz’s Success Academy Wins A $250,000 Grant

Recently, Success Academy won a $250,000 grant. The charter school network is planning to announce the development of a new institution.

The Success Academy Education Institute will play a pivotal role in disseminating the charter network’s secrets of their success. Eva Moskowitz posited that their first project shall be using a digital platform to release Success Academy’s curriculum, which shall be forwarded to educators without any charges.

Eva Moskowitz, the founder of the Success Academy, attended the National Charter School Conference that was held in Washington DC to receive the Broad Prize. Notably, the new organization is not related to the Broad Prize.
Success Academy receives support from wealthy hedge fund experts. In the year ending 2014, the institution received $60 million in revenue while in 2013, they generated $42 million. To this end, the $250,000 award was a drop in the bucket for the charter school network.

When accepting the prize, Eva Moskowitz contended that the Broad Foundation award is a true reflection of the charter chain’s commitment to providing underserved kids with quality education. Eva Moskowitz went on to state that the award shows that students who live in poor inner-city neighborhoods can perform well or even better than pupils from affluent suburbs.
The success of the institution is anchored on its K-4 ELA curriculum. Through this program, teachers are guided on how to develop their lessons based on “shared texts” and guided reading. The tutors are also supposed to read aloud to children and recommend different books that are in line with a given lesson. From a glance, one is able to see the content-richness and depth of what the students of Success Academy read and learn.

In New York City, the pedagogy of “balanced literacy” sought to encourage tutors to anchor their literacy lessons of writing and reading. According to Eva Moskowitz, the balanced literacy strategy adopted by Success Academy directs student’s attention out of the window, but not in the mirror.

Cassio Audi Helping Provide for Brazil

The state of the economy in Brazil was in a stage of stagnation for some years now. This was obviously leading to a weak market. Even the Banco Central do Brasil had been struggling in order to reduce inflation. It has even hiked the benchmark which is the Selic interest rate to 11%. Earlier it was 7.25%.

Cassio Audi

The new investors are finding it a challenge to find the best investment for their money. The current economic situation is the reason behind this. Hence any advice from an experienced financial expert will always be welcomed by them. They would like to know which the best investments are that will help to enhance their profits. The financial experts can help in bolstering the investments. Besides, it is going to help in improving the economy of Brazil too. Eventually, it will lead towards attracting more investors.


Cassio Audi is a well-known financial expert having more than 23 years of experience in finance. He has expertise in handling various issues related to finance. He has already worked as a financial advisor in almost all kinds of businesses. These would include start-ups, public companies as well as private companies too. Cassio Audi has also worked for private equity funds. He has experience of working with multi-billion dollar multinational organizations and so on.


He is qualified in accounting along with financial management. He has expertise in growth strategy besides resource management. He knows a lot about business planning too. Cassio Audi has expertise in controllership as well as decision support. He provides his expert opinion on IPO, and fundraising, besides investor relations. He is a person who believes in action and getting things done. He has outstanding leadership skills which have made him an inspiration for many. He has achieved excellence in his communication skills too.