Advantages of IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide Services is the leading provider in facility management, global-scale logistic, technical services as well as advanced professional services. There are many branches in 25 countries with 2,000 employees who ensure that your public as well as private sector challenging issues are dealt with. Knowing that anything can happen at any time, IAP is always prepared to offer services to their clients. The employees are well-trained and experienced to handle any issue you may have. They also manage, operate and maintain military installations in small cities, remote research labs and civilian facilities.

IAP Worldwide delivers technologies and even program management that is required to offer support to customer’s workforce and flexibility all over the globe on Devex. They have been offering reliable services to their clients for more than sixty years and hence built their reputation as a responsive market leader. Your issue will be dealt with by qualified employees who not only work together as a team to meet your expectations but exceed them as well. The most challenging and disturbing issues you have will be at the best hands since they do not rest until they find a solution to all your problems on

IAP Mission, Values and Mission
For any company to thrive well, there must be the driving force that enables them to meet all their targets. At IAP Worldwide, their mission is to solve all the challenging issues you may have using the latest technology, ingenuity and expertise. Their main focus is to ensure they meet all your expectations and come up with the best solution for all your problems. All the employees are well-experienced, flexible and creative to ensure they solve problems critically even those though impossible. There are many different organizations that may have the ability to offer services similar to those of IAP Worldwide Services, but they cannot compete with the ability to come up with a faster, better and more creative way to solve tasks.

At IAP, everyone is committed to offering the best services to their clients, each other and partners. You can feel at home working together with the team since you can feel free to contribute your ideas. IAP understands that everyone is creative in their own field, hence every idea can be of help in one way or another.

The Making of Skout CFO Portia Kersten


Growing up in poverty can mean a lot of things but inspiration is, perhaps, pushing it too far. Well, it did just that for Portia Kersten. Too poor to have a television set, the only objects of entertainment for her were books. She immersed herself in the worlds of Charles Dickens and Shakespeare, identifying with the characters whose conditions made it impossible to overcome the odds against them but still won the battle at the end of it all. Currently the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Skout, she schooled at Columbia University where she earned her MBA.

A Load of Experience

Before joining Skout, Kersten worked with various companies both small and large. She has been actively involved in organizing funding and ensuring maximum growth for startups and high-potential companies in different sectors. While realizing the distinctiveness of challenges associated with different young companies, Kersten’s experience enables her to easily pick out the similarities too. They include the tough task of coming up with a new product and looking for a new market. Maintaining the gains you have made in market establishment and penetration is not easy either.

Mentoring Young Women

While she used some mentorship from Parenting Magazine founder, Robin Wolaner, Kersten is passionate about mentoring young women just beginning their careers. For young professional women who would like to rise as high as her, the secret word is patience. In addition, confidence and versatility cannot be overlooked. Since friends and colleagues greatly influence ones success or failure, Kersten’s advice is to choose your friends carefully and turn colleagues who show their confidence in you to friends.

Working with Talent

Working in one of the largest platform for connecting new friends must be exciting enough. However, Kersten picks out the outstanding talent of the staff at Skout as one of the reasons she enjoys her job. In addition, she has had the opportunity to work with Andreessen Horowitz who also one of the Skout’s investors.

The Skout Community of Friends

Skout is one of the best social network platforms for making new friends and chat with them as well as send pictures to each other. To join the community, all you need is an email address or a Facebook account. While you are signed up, add as much basic information on your profile as possible about yourself.

Remember, the information you put on your profile will determine the kind of friends on display since Skout customization filters out people who don’t match your preferences. On the main screen, you’ll be able to view people who are logged in at the same time as you.

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