Rocketship Education is Providing Schooling for Those with the Desire to Exceed Expectations

Rocketship Education is a public charter school that has taken a unique approach from traditional elementary school education. It is situated in California, which is one of the global hubs for innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship. The location of this unique school is no accident since the area’s cultural and ethnic diversity provides a unique environment for students to experience a range of cultures as part of a wholesome education.

Core Values of Rocketship Education

At Rocketship Education, all of the leaders and teachers, as well as the support staff, dedicate themselves to sharing gratitude and fostering a positive culture. As with all Rocketship Education schools, it has five core values with four being common across the network. The four values are responsibility, persistence, respect, and empathy. Rocketship students recite the shared values as part of the Racketeer creed every day and strive to live according to them both at school and within the community. Every Rocketship school picks a fifth core value that reflects the unique vision and character. Parents and teachers choose the fifth core value.

Rocketship Education’s Mission

The Rocketship education core values fit in within the schools’ mission, which is to ensure that students are fully prepared to thrive both in the school environment and beyond. That is done by equipping learners with essential character skills. Most of the students that attend the school come from poor communities with research showing that such children experience higher ‘toxic stress’ when compared to those from more affluent neighborhoods. That kind of stress puts a strain on the children’s ability to resolve conflicts, respond to provocation and manage their emotions. For this reason, Rocketship Education has created a positive, predictable and consistent schooling experience to assist the students to develop the type of socio-emotional skills needed for success in the classroom and outside.

The school uses a carefully selected set of curricula that are differentiated to fit the needs of both lower and upper-grade students. For instance, the younger grades are based on the Kimochis curriculum that centers on five characters, each with its temperament and personality. Upper-grade students use the RULER tools that help to track their feelings, academic progress and behaviors within a mood journal.