Hussain Sajwani Owner – Risk Taker and Visionary in the Real Estate Market

The success of the globally famous real estate firm based in Dubai, DAMAC Properties, can be attributed to its founder and Chairman, Hussain Sajwani. At the time he started DAMAC Properties, he was already running a catering firm by the name of Al Jazeera Services successfully. However, when the UAE government passed a decree allowing the foreign real estate buyers to enter into the transaction in the country without any limitation, the real estate sector witnessed unprecedented growth. It is this bandwagon that Hussain Sajwani wanted to join as well and thus, he moved back to Dubai and established DAMAC Properties.

DAMAC Properties primarily deals in a luxury development and has developed some of the most iconic properties in Dubai and other territories where it operates. Hussain Sajwani is known for collaborating with some of the internationally acclaimed designers and architects to ensure that the properties his company develops stand out. He has also won accolades for his charity ventures as he contributes generously to many Dubai based and international charities as well to provide support and essential sources to the low-income communities. Hussain Sajwani is also known for his close relationship with the President of the United States, Donald Trump, who is also a successful real estate developer. They have been business associates in the past, and their respective companies continue to collaborate on many projects that are currently under development.

Hussain Sajwani owner of DAMAC has been successful because of his ability to take the risk. He was among the first real estate business owner to build high rises and luxury condos during a time when others thought that no one will purchase them. But, they instantly became investment properties, and his company became the top real estate companies in the country. He now plans to take his business global and invest in countries that offer flexible rules to help his brand grow further.