Stream Energy brings real flexibility to America’s energy consumers

Stream Energy, the Dallas-headquartered alternative energy company, is changing the way that the energy-delivery game is played throughout the United States. Founded in 2005, Stream Energy has been dedicated to spreading green and clean energy as a viable means to delivery power to everyday Americans’ homes for over a decade. Visit Public Utility Commission of Texas website to know more about Stream Energy.


The company is also the first firm to adopt a direct-selling approach to the delivery of energy. Stream Energy gives its independent associates the ability to generate significant revenue while also helping the country to break free of its addiction to dirty legacy energy sources like coal. Some of the company’s top earners have made hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single year. And many others have been able to enjoy the benefits of 100 percent free energy consumption for their households through the selling of the Stream business plan and its custom energy products.

Not everyone has been happy with the company’s strong success, however. In expressly founding its business model on the idea that America can have a cleaner, coal-free environment, the company and its leadership made the conscious decision to go up against some of the most powerful business interests in the world. Although the road has not always been easy, with the passage of time, it seems that Stream Energy has made all the right bets. One of these has been the company’s strong belief that coal will continue its inexorable decline, becoming a tiny fraction of the nation’s energy sources within the coming few decades.

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Today, coal represents just one third of the resources used in the country’s total energy generation. This is down from accounting for more than half of the country’s power output in 2005. In that year, the first full year of operation for Stream Energy, it was not at all obvious that coal would decline so precipitously. The company had taken big risks in following a business model based on clean energy, which many experts at the time said had no future.

That bet has finally paid off. Stream Energy is now generating nearly $1 billion per year in revenues. It has brought the blessings of solar and wind power to tens of thousands of American consumers. View Stream Energy at