Dr. Roseann Bennett Is Helping Beat Depression

Dr. Roseann Bennett, marriage and family therapist, estimated that over 7% of the United States has major depression. This is a static that seems to be growing every year and Dr. Roseann Bennett is on a mission to help those in need.


Dr. Bennett received her degree in marriage and family therapy from Seton Hall University. She is a licensed therapist and has been practicing for the last ten years. She is also certified in Clinical Trauma and Child & Adolescent Trauma.


In 2009 Roseann Bennett helped establish the Center for Assessment and Treatment in New Jersey. The center was created to help the public understand depression and what help can be provided for the patient and their family.


The rise in depression in marriages is climbing and Dr. Bennett often sees a spouse suggesting their partner go to therapy for depression, but they don’t see a need to be in attendance during the sessions. Dr. Bennett believes it’s important for couples to attend some sessions together. With the couple working on the depression situation together the marriage has a better chance of surviving.


A new trend Dr. Bennett is excited about is called Telemedicine. It’s a way for someone to get therapy without coming into an office. It provides clinical healthcare in the way of technology, such as Skype. This new way of therapy will be able to reach those that are not able to come into an office or uncomfortable about even leaving the comforts of their home. See This Page for related information.


Dr. Bennett is excited about new ways therapy can help the depressed society. She sees technology and therapy working together as a positive thing for her patients. She’s willing to do anything as a therapist to help find the balance of healthcare, and her patients living a healthy and happy life.


Visit: https://www.canine-assistedtherapy.org/founders/