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Netpicks has been assisting traders in making smart trades since 1996. The company is headquartered in Irving, Texas and was founded Mark Soberman. Mark serves as the President of Netpicks. The highly skilled Netpicks staff are all active traders and experts at assisting everyday traders in making smart trades, including trading on the Forex market.

Forex or FX trading is foreign exchange trading. It is also referred to as currency trading. Forex offers its traders the chance to trade currency pairs via a market that is decentralized. Major cities all over the world such as Paris, New York and Tokyo have these electronic exchanges. Forex traders get great help from Netpicks with the help of charts and a live signal service. Because FX trading is done in cities all around the world, there is always a market open somewhere. Just because the Forex exchange in Sydney is closed doesn’t mean a trader can’t trade in Tokyo. Making trades on the spot is the preferred method for FX traders. Business owners often tend to prefer to trade in the forward and future markets.

Characteristics of the Forex Market:

A major attribute of the Forex market is the fact that it has extreme liquidity. Netflix asserts that traders prefer trading in currency pairs because of the liquidity of the Forex market. Another attribute of the Forex market is the fact that traders are limited in their trading options. Forex, unlike the stock market, is limited to a few key options. Frequently traded currency pairs include the U.S. dollar vs the yen and the pound sterling vs the U.S. dollar. A third attribute of the Forex market is the fact that retail traders get the benefit of the high liquidity. Volatile price movements are the basis for this liquidity. The quick price changes allow for numerous financial opportunities.

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Netpicks is a company that specializes in advising traders how to determine risk factors before making trades in currency pairs. The company also advises that new traders do careful research of how the FX market works before they begin engaging in any trades. Success depends on a solid education.

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