Krishen Iyer Highlights Some of the Marketing Trends to Observe in 2019

Krishen Iyer, founder, and CEO of Managed Benefits Services is a seasoned entrepreneur and marketer. Managed Benefits Services specializes in lead generation and consultancy in health care and dental insurance marketing. Krishen Iyer emphasizes effective marketing strategy as key to the success of his company and those he consults for. He adds that it entails the use of current and not- so- current tools or methods of marketing to leverage products and services to consumers. Krishen Iyer highlights eight marketing methods that should be relevant and effective for the year 2019.


It 2018, Facebook was hit by the privacy and data breach scandal that saw significant user flight. Despite this, the platform remains the leading social media outlet. Data has it that adults above age 65 constitute 40% of Facebook users , making the social media outlet a significant platform for health insurance to employ the platform as part of their marketing strategy tool.

The interactive nature of the platform makes it easy to monitor response to medical articles and health tips posted to attract potential clients. It also provides cheap Ads as people engage thus reducing marketing expenses.


Products tailored for consumers under the age of 30 will be best advertised on Instagram. Its scalable features and adds-on make it a fast-growing platform preferred by the sponsored influencer placements. Additionally, Instagram is experiential due to its visual nature hence the use of high definition images and videos will be well received.


Chatbots as a marketing strategy can be added on to company websites to interactively keep a consumer interested in a product and obtain more information and assurances about the brand in question on a 24-hr basis.

Video Marketing

Videos are attractive and on- the -go methods of connecting with customers creating trust about a product. It also compels them into taking action hence improving their bottom line.

Live Video

Live videos rivet the attention of the viewer to the end, thus allowing a close connection with the audience since consumers can interrogate product providers. Live videos can be integrated into Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Krishen Iyer believes that the stated marketing strategies should be useful to marketers in especially in the healthcare sector.

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