Cone Marshall, No. 1 Internationally

Cone Marshall is a law firm that works with the international community and their advisors. Established in 1999 in Auckland, they have become the law firm of New Zealand. They assist companies by establishing New Zealand trusts and partnerships, and they provide global wealth planning advice. The company has two executives, Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall, who both have over twenty years experience in handling international issues. They each lend their very specific expertise to the company’s operation. Cone’s specialties are International tax planning, trusts, and management services. Marshall handles commercial litigation law and trustee companies. She provides Trust Deed precedents for clients, and responds to their specific requests to consult on security issues.


New Zealand has demonstrated leadership in tax transparency. They handle foreign trusts by assisting other governments that request relevant information. This is a major difference between them and tax havens where information sharing with other governments is prohibited. This is what makes New Zealand a perfect location for Cone Marshall. In articles published at, the company’s executives called New Zealand the model as far as transparency with foreign trusts, actually using them for tax planning rather than for asset protection. In this environment, Cone Marshall works to strengthen estate and tax laws and has a reputation for offering solutions to estate and tax cases including, consultancy and international problems.


Cone Marshall has built a strong team, providing trust management and trustee services through affiliated companies and they continue to grow by adding subsidiary companies. One of the company’s modes of operation is to establish joint ventures with corporations in order to supply comprehensive property training and information. They not only provide consultation, but they also farm-out their administrators, lawyers, and banking service representatives to other companies so that they can better represent clients. Cone Marshall’s years of success has driven the company to the highest level of international status. It has become the expert in tax laws and property management.


Geoffrey Cone Brings Expertise to New Zealand Hopefuls

Geoffrey Cone is a global attorney who has the expertise that he needs to be able to help people out with the different things that they have in their businesses and in their personal lives. He works to make sure that people are making the right decisions when they are moving to a different country from the place that they were in.


There are many different things that go into moving to a different country. As a global attorney, Geoffrey Cone knows each of the things that people need to be able to make the move to different countries. People who are able to move will be able to do more in the area that they are located in.  Getting an attorney is the best way to be sure that the transition will go smoothly.


Some people who are moving to different countries choose to make the decision to move to New Zealand. This is something that they have chosen to do because of the way that they think that the country works. They think that there are a lot people who do not have to pay taxes in the country but that is not the case. They also like the attractive job and housing markets that New Zealand has. The country has a lot of attractive benefits that people can take advantage of when they are in different situations.


One thing that New Zealand does not have is free taxes. People who live in New Zealand are still expected to be able to pay taxes. It is important that people pay taxes on the things that they have in New Zealand. The country, though, has tax transparency. This means that they are completely open about the different taxes there. People who are hoping to move to New Zealand can be sure that they know what the taxes will be like before they make the decision to move to the country. They are always open about how much taxes will be paid on each different income bracket.


Even if New Zealand is not the perfect place to go to live tax free, there are still many other countries that offer this option. They are called the tax free tax havens that people can live in. Each year, Geoffrey Cone works to help publish a list of the countries that are tax havens. It is something that people can use to make the decision on where they are going to move.


Tax Trust and Trustee Company in New Zealand –Cone Marshall

Karen Marshall and Cone Marshall are the principle of Cone Marshall which is a tax and trust law firm that is located in New Zealand. Cone Marshall is an international organisation that was founded in 1999. The law firm works hand in hand with foreign families as well as their advisors to help them establish New Zealand’s trusts, partnership as well as companies. The international families also benefit from international wealth planning advice.

Cone Marshall Limited is responsible for providing a full package of the New Zealand law services that include, tax, trust, structuring advice, succession, as well as the provision of management services. Cone Marshall is devoted and very dedicated to offering quality services to their clients, and it has been observing and will always observe the laws of the judiciary sector to ensure they deliver the best.

Karen Marshall is one of the principles at Cone Marshall. Karen is a graduate of the University of Otago where she graduated with LLB honors. After her graduation, Karen worked in London where she served in one of the prominent law firms in the country for ten years. At the law firm of London, Karen Marshall served in the commercial litigation department. She has a vast experience in Law something that offered her an opportunity to act as a consultant to two constitutional trustee companies where he advised them regarding trustees’ obligations and powers to enter into negotiations as well as security for the third party. Karen joined Cone Marshall in 2005 and the following year she was appointed the principle.

Geoffrey Marshall is the founder and the principle of Cone Marshall. Geoffrey graduated with LLB from the University of Otago. After his graduation, he started his career in Auckland New Zealand and later moved to Christchurch where he was a partner and the Chairman of Partners in one of the leading law firms. Geoffrey holds a Diploma in tax and trust Law and his skills offered him the opportunity to serve as a commercial litigator as well as tax and trust advisor. After for two years working in West Indies Geoffrey decided to establish his law firm, Cone Marshall.

Geoffrey Cone is described by The Law & Expert Directory as the essential tax lawyer. He disagreed with media report saying that New Zealand is a tax haven as the country does not possess the qualities of a tax haven as listed by the OCED.