Secret Behind the Expansion of the AXA Company

When it comes to financial goals, AXA has proven to be a reliable partner. A lot has changed since its establishment in the year 1816. As of today, the firm specializes on many issues such as personal goals that are not limited to savings for education, financial security, retirement and life insurance protection. The firm has also covered life events for its customers such as getting married, divorce, serious illness and even the loss of a spouse through death. Some of their most notable products and services include retirement packages such as variable annuities, mutual funds and brokerage and advisory accounts for people considering retirement. On issues related to insurance, AXA offers packages such as whole life insurance, life insurance, and survivorship life insurance among others.

AXA is also active in philanthropy, and this is seen through the AXA Heart in Action as well as through its Research Fund. The AXA Fund was established in the year 2008 and is more than 100 million Euros. The Fund is used to fund one of their 256 basic research funds that are located in 22 countries. Some of the institutions that have benefited from the research fund include HEC Paris, Nus as well as LSE and University of Bristol. AXA operates worldwide as it has offices in all part of the globe ranging from Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and Africa. The company operates from its headquarter in Paris, France.

But what makes the company so successful? Is it its name or the top executives that the company employs? Well, AXA surrounds itself with the most qualified executives in the world to manage its operations. One such executive is Vincent Parascandola who is a senior executive vice president of the AXA US. This is a position that Vincent has held since October 2014. His main responsibilities at this position are to oversee the development and growth of this company in the United States. He also specializes in training and recruiting new advisors for the company.

In the past, Vincent Parascandola has held the role of chief sale officer and as well as the president of the continental division. Vincent Parascandola is a computer science graduate from Lubin School of Business, Pace University.