Avaaz: Singing a Voice for the People

It was launched in 2007, a civic organization in the United States to promote activism globally on human rights, climate change, animal rights, poverty, corruption and any other forms of conflict.

The name itself says it all. “Avaaz” is a Persian word meaning “voice” or “song”. It is the Voice or song of the people being represented.

The group Avaaz was founded on the democratic quest to organize the world to come together and create a different world. Different from what the world actually is to what the people of the planet wants the world to be. A world that is “color-blind” and free from any hate, corruption must be ended. Avaaz is a group that sings its voice in fifteen different languages, on six separate continents world wide.

We plan to take action by getting petitions signed, lobbying the government, sending emails to congressmen, and collecting donations to fund our media campaigns.

Thanks to new technology it is easier to build a constituency for the issues we represent. Avaaz’s team makes it mandatory to work on all public concerns with extreme nimbleness, focus and flexibility. Avaaz will take a shout out to the community, on a giant megaphone to call attention to urgent community issues by taking a lightening rod to anything that needs direct response from our public.

Avaaz takes annual polls each year to learn where the public is most at need. The results of these polls will give us an idea of where our priorities will lie for the upcoming year’s focus. Flickr Photos.

When Avaaz gets involved in a new campaign, its staff members will write letters and send emails to alert the Avaaz community in much the same way a aide alerts the President of the United States when something urgent needs attention. It is very important to get our message across to insure that the reader of the message will take it serious enough to get involved in the campaign of issue.

It is the hope that the Avaaz community gets the assistance and funding needed to meet all the needs of every issue that is brought before the organization.