Norman Pattiz: A Master of Podcast Marketing

In a study commissioned by PodcastOne and carried out by Edison Research, it was established that podcast advertisement had a significant positive impact on band. The first-of-its-kind study surveyed five major national brands selected from different product and services industries.

The messaging on the advertisements ran on the PodcastOne podcast network carried information on brand recall and other specific messages aimed at urging the consumers to purchase the brands. Released by the network’s founder, Norman Pattiz in collaboration with Edison Research’s vice president, the results of the two-phase study showed that the brands enjoyed a significant lift their awareness after running of their advertisement on the network.

In justification of Norman Pattiz’s belief that podcast advertising is the next frontier of business marketing and advertisement, the results showed that some of the brands included in the survey enjoyed up to 76 percent in brand lift. The survey showed that even for brands that were relatively unknown in their industries, their brand awareness measured before and after the 4 to 6 weeks their messages were run on the network improved significantly.

More customers were willing to purchase the brands. The significant brand impact measured during pre and post-campaign showed that podcast advertising is more effective compared to traditional channels of advertisement.

Hall of Fame Entrepreneurship and Diplomacy

The induction of Norman Pattiz into National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009 and being feted with Giants of Broadcasting Award by the Library of American Broadcasting capped off a career marked by stellar record as an entrepreneur and diplomat.

While serving in the administrations of Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush, Norman Pattiz played a key role in the founding of several nonmilitary radio and television networks in the Arab world especially in the Middle East and Europe. His tenure as a member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) was marked by the founding of radio stations such as The Voice of America and Middle East Broadcasting. Some of these stations run their programs in local dialects such as Arabic and Farsi, which led to their popularity among locals.

Norman Pattiz has over four decades of experience in the broadcasting industry. Before becoming a diplomat, he had already made a name for himself in the broadcasting circles following his success as the founder and chief executive officer of national radio network, Westwood One Inc.

He founded the network in 1974 and grew it into the country’s number radio network, airing big events and hosting radio programs for some of the leading players in the industry. He later founded PodcastOne in 2013 and Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010.

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