How Bernardo Chua Discovered An Untapped Gold Mine

Organo Gold founding father, Bernardo Chua, established his conglomerate on a sound value system. Having witnessed Ganoderma Lucidum address many health conditions, he became impassioned with the idea of sharing his incredible journey. His account of using ancient Chinese medicine, particularly Ganoderma is inherited from his mother.

Throughout Asia, herbs and natural medicine have been consumed in the interest of extending life among other self-development goals. He’s building on this premise and has successfully inspired cultures outside of Asia. With an extensive career in MLM (Multi-level Marketing) and direct selling to buttress a Ganoderma business model, Mr. Chua launched a boutique Canadian coffee shop.

The role of managing an enterprise within this vertical wasn’t without challenges. Having spearheaded Gano Excel’s global expansion and taking on executive roles, Mr. Chua is poised in broadening horizons for his venture. Working closely with Gano Excel’s founder, Leow Soon, Chua has adapted life lessons that are shaping his future. He holds Mr. Leow Soon in high esteem as a mentor.

With Chua piloting Gano Excel’s expansion, its penetration into global markets and establishing main distribution channels in Canada, Hong Kong and the U.S. was realized. As a former executive, he’s personally contributed to the company’s rise in becoming a global industry giant. He was appointed the president of the group’s U.S. chapter after moving to California.

With the launch of Organo, Chua focused on introducing products that actually provided real benefits to consumers. As an expert health/wellness life coach, Organo provided a platform that enabled Chua to educate consumers while helping them harness Ganoderma power. When Chua launched Organo, coffee was its singular offering.

In full capacity, Organo has expanded globally penetrating markets as far as Europe. It’s offering a rich selection of herbal teas, chocolate preparations and other health-promoting novelty items. The coffee chain has earned Bernardo Chua global recognition.

What’s more, his company has created jobs for a global workforce taking positions remotely and locally. For his astuteness as an accomplished leader, life coach, and entrepreneur, Mr. Chua has won numerous awards and received accolades.

Despite the challenges of entering an industry that’s vastly competitive, and requires constant innovation, Organo thrived as a newcomer. With Bernardo Chua as the group’s chief executive, Organo ranked 55th of Top 100 direct selling companies worldwide back in 2013.

The Millionaire franchise swept the “People’s Choice” awards multiple times. In addition, it’s earned recognition as a top Business and Industry model with a “Dangal ng Bayard” Award. Similarly, Organo swept multiple National Consumer Qualities Awards.

With all the work put into shaping a conglomerate as successful as Organo, Mr. Chua isn’t shy of his achievement having swept an “Outstanding Global Entrepreneur Award.” Lately, he’s become quite a social media therapist, sharing helpful health and lifestyle tips on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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