A Deeper Look at the Life of Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant holds a patent in the blockchain industry. He is a French-born professional who moved to South Africa at the age of 14. Serge has an exciting career, having worked with different firms in a diverse range of sectors. He has designed several technological programs that have enhanced the financial banking systems and the banking sector in the world. He established Net1 UEPS Technologies in 1989. VISA approached Belamant to design the chip offline pre-authorized card, which is currently known as chip-enabled debit and credit card. See more of Serge Belamant at clearvoice.com

Serge Belamant emphasizes on the importance of having icons and mentors. He further notes that he has been looking up to his predecessors throughout his career life and he has benefited significantly. Belamant hopes that he will serve as a giant to someone else looking up to him in the next generation. When asked about his recent purchase and its impact on his business, Belamant says that he recently bought his daughter an American Girls’ book that he hopes will assist her to learn about issues such as relationships, peer pressure, and savings. Serge is impressed by the effort of some organizations and brands to support young people in combating the unique struggles they go through in this generation. Serge has also been faced by the challenge of making tough decisions. For instance, he had to decide between two ideas, one that he thought was great and the other one that was great, but could not be implemented using the method that he wanted.

Serge Belamant is excited about the DNA analysis trend because it has several current and future applications that have the potential to change the world. He believes that his business can be involved directly in the search for answers to several questions about DNA. Serge Belamant admits that the most satisfying moment in business was when he started his first company. He has done several other things since founding his company, but it still excites him that he was creating it from scratch to a successful business. Belamant believes in addressing problems by coming up with solutions irrespective of the matter at hand. The character has enabled him to become successful.  Source: Serge Belamant and the Birth of Blockchain Technology

Interesting bits of Michael Nierenberg

Michael Nierenberg is a seasoned professional in all aspects he tackles. Michael Nierenberg currently hold the position of Chief Executive Officer, and also the President at a company called New Residential Investment. Mr. Nierenberg is also the lead Chairman at Samuel Waxman, which is a well known Cancer Research Foundation. Michael Nierenberg is a successful philanthropic businessman who loves to play the role of leader and has proven well at it. He currently has a net worth that is substantial, and that number is constantly growing rapidly. Through the period of 2006- mid 2008, Michael was an elite of Bear Stearns’s Board of Directors. Michael spent more than half a decade at Lehman Brothers before his alliance with Bear Stearns and was a monumental part in constructing the company’s constantly changing mortgage and APR business.

Michael Nierenberg has worked for several financial institutions over the years. It comes natural to someone in his field of expertise. Everywhere from Singapore to San Francisco bay area, he has excelled quite well. He did seven years and eleven months at Redwood Trust where he was Vice president of analytics and risk management. Two years, and three months as AVP for the same company. He always manages to work his way up the social monetary ladder. Michael Nierenberg did his studies at the University of Pennsylvania.

Michael Nierenberg currently is all about Twitter, although he’s a bit modest about his endeavors. Michael is reformed banking enthusiast for sure. He can never be defined in 130 characters or less although! the director of Sales and Finance since January 2017. Michael is directly responsible for Revenue Forecasting & Analytics. He’s also directly responsible for any and all analytics and operational support from the Asian region, including Japan. At the ripe young age of 58, there is no telling what this man is capable of. We all look forward to his future endeavors, and they’ll definitely be beneficial to all of us watching his ever growing success.

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TalkSpace CEO Oren Frank BringsOn Board Former Medical Director

Talkspace CEO Oren Frank recently announced that the company will be bringing on board the expertise of Neil Leibowitz, the former senior medical director of UnitedHealth. TalkSpace, an app-based therapy tool is said to have made the decision to bring Neil onto the team in order to sell the companies ability serve a high-quality service. In addition, the rumor is that TalkSpace will be aiming to go in an IPO or Initial Public Offering very soon, the addition of a medical director no doubt may entice people to invest into the company. Connect with Oren Frank by visiting his linkedin account

Oren Frank in an interview with CNBC further promoted the companies success by stating that TalkSpace has recently signed up their one-millionth user. With $79 providing a customer weekly therapy service, much more affordable than traditional sessions, the company is no doubt on track to increase its memberships in the near future. The introduction of Neil Leibowitz onto the TalkSpace team will also allow Oren Frank’s company to provide prescription medicines to their users as needed. The practice will, of course, be regulated and watched over by federal and state laws.

According to Oren Frank, Neil Leibowitz will also play a key role in the companies aim to move into offering employers TalkSpace services. The move is seen as data shows that employees across the country are seeing an increase in depression and anxiety. Oren Frank comments that the services have already been offered to employers with 10% taking advantage of the service and a majority of them signing up for continued use.

Neil Leibowitz also commented that while he was initially skeptical about the service his time with the team and the focus on keeping this service affordable is what ultimately allowed him to make the decision to join the company and help it progress and grow in the years to come.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong: Becoming a Billionaire through the E-Commerce Industry

Richard Liu Qiangdong is a Chinese billionaire who owns JD.com, one of the country’s largest online retailers. The business established by Liu Qiangdong created a new culture in mainland China, enticing the population to rely on online services for the products that they wanted to buy. E-commerce is a major industry in China, and JD.com is only one of the hundreds of e-commerce platforms active in the country today. To remain significant in the industry, Richard Liu Qiangdong, who serves as the company’s chief executive officer, continues to innovate how the company serves the people. Through his hard work and perseverance, the founder of JD.com was able to build up his fortune, allowing him to earn billions of dollars, and putting his net worth at around $13 billion. The company has also listed their ticker symbol on the stock market, and let the public buy shares from them. The continuous positive performance of JD.com made them an ideal investment among those who are looking for shares to buy.

Establishing an e-commerce business was not that easy, according to the company’s founder. When he was still enrolled in college at the People’s University China, Richard Liu Qiangdong has always dreamed of entering politics, and he is hoping that studying at the university known for producing the greatest Chinese leaders would give him higher chances of finding a job at the government. However, fate took him somewhere else, and he was not able to fulfill his childhood dream. Instead, he ventured into the entrepreneurship career, and he opened his first business while he was still studying – a small restaurant that serves a variety of food catering students and teachers alike. However, the business was managed badly, and he had to close it down.

Fortunately, Richard Liu Qiangdong has background knowledge in programming, and he used it to establish his online retail business after the Chinese government ordered all businesses in the country to lessen physical contact, as SARS outbreak happened in 2003. Richard Liu Qiangdong benefited from the lesser physical contact, and while most businesses in China perished, his online business thrived. In 2004, he officially introduced JD.com to the public, and it performed well through the years.

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Inspiring Women Everywhere: Doe Deere

The love of business is like no other in this world. Many people go to great lengths to start the business of their dreams. In the majority of cases, it is a passion project. It is usually something that they feel they need to do in order to feel fulfilled in life. Doe Deere is no exception. Doe Deere is the creator and the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, a makeup company that specializes in being extremely unique and bringing out the best side of a person. The cosmetics company caters to women who dare to be bold, dream to be different, and want to live life without regrets.

Lime Crime Cosmetics is all about being daring and unique in everything that you do. The makeup brand creates products that includes bold colors, to make anyone stand out. You can find bright colors, neutral tones, as well as pastel hues within the Lime Crime makeup collection. Women have a variety of items to choose from when they go to Lime Crime Cosmetics for their makeup. Many women gravitate towards to Lime Crime Cosmetics because it is a cruelty-free brand. The brand does not test their products on any animals. This cosmetics brand is also vegan, which caters to a wide range of individuals.

In addition to Lime Crime Cosmetics, Doe Deere is also the creator and founder of the jewelry brand called Poppy Angeloff. Poppy Angeloff is a jewelry brand that mixes vintage glamour with modern touches. There are many Victorian inspired pieces within the jewelry that blend in well with the whimsical theme of the brand.

In addition to her companies, Doe Deere’s mission is to inspire women everywhere. She wants all women to live out their dreams and find a way to make their greatest stories. Doe Deere believes that anyone in this world can make their dreams come true, it just takes hard work and dedication. She wants to let women know that they can be from anywhere in the world, from any walk of life and still make a difference that is significant and touches lives.



Brazilian Hotelier Guilherme Paulus Invests in Real Estate

Guilherme Paulus is an investor in the tourism industry in Brazil. He is the co-founder of tour Operator Company named CVC. Recently, Guilherme Paulus made a decision to diversify his business by venturing into the real estate industry. In 1995, he ventured into hospitality business by acquiring the Rio Grande do Sul hotel in Gramado. The business performed well and a decade later he bought Foz do Iguacu, Parana resort. This led to the creation of GJP restaurants and resorts across the country. Visit Guilherme Paulus at Forbes for more info.

Formation of these resorts gave him the thought to start a construction company. This is because the hotel had a vast field covering approximately two and a half million square meters. The land also had a golf course inside it. During an interview with EXAME.com, he hinted that they had more than enough area to build. He championed the initiative to kick-start the idea and earn additional cash.

The project will be launched by Paulus Guilherme which hosts Iguassu Village Golf homes together with GJP Incorporadora & Construtora. It consists of one hundred and nine housing units covering about one hundred and sixty thousand square meters. The design caters for a leisure club coupled with a gourmet area, ballroom, game room, gym, playground and a courtyard. All these households will be using the hotel’s golf course. The project will follow strict pre-determined standards although each owner will build their own houses. However, the company will fully furnish the clubhouse.

The estimated cost of the project lots ranges from four hundred and eighty thousand to one million eight hundred reais. Each house will occupy between eight hundred and one thousand eight hundred square meters. Although there is a go slow in the real estate industry, he is still optimistic. He is also planning to construct three more housing apartments in Gramado, Aracaju, and Maceio where the company owns the land.

According to Guilherme Paulus, middle-income earners with the ability to buy homes are estimated to be about twenty-five to thirty million people in Brazil. These people will be happy to live in a secure and cool environment facing the golf course. To make the business a going concern, Guilherme Paulus employed Abilio Torres as the sales director of GJP Incorporadora.

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