The Award-Winning Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is the leader of OSI Group serving as its chairman and the CEO. The OSI Group is a highly regarded company in the meat and food processing market. He is actively involved in all operation of the group. About Sheldon Lavin, He was born in 1932. He pursued accounting at University of Illinois and finance from the Northwestern University. He also studied at Roosevelt University in Chicago pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in business. He also had his consultancy firm in finance for over fifteen years in Chicago by the name, Sheldon Lavin and Associates.

In the year 1970, he helped grow the Otto & Sons Company which later changed to OSI Group. With his vast expertise in the industry, he has changed the OSI Group to a successful company making billions in profits. He is also the President of the OSI International Foods Ltd. The group has grown from a local processing company to an international company. The company is now present in over 60 countries globally. Due to his great leadership and excellence, Sheldon Lavin was honored with the Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision World Academy. He was also honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award for his excellennt service and commitment to the business community in Chicago.

Sheldon Lavin knowledge in the meat and food processing market has made him the rich man he is today. He’s been a role model to many other leaders seeking to follow his footsteps. He’s an example of what leadership and service can be defined as. While steering the OSI group to greatness, the company has also been honored with sustainable environment awards. Sheldon Lavin has also acknowledged that he hopes to mentor young entrepreneurs and corporate leaders, towards making choices that will be sustaining the environment as he has done with the OSI Group. He has also been involved in his charitable activities such as the Ronald McDonald Foundation for over 25 years and also is the director and president of The Sheba Foundation.

Chicken Production Capacity for OSI Food Solutions Doubles

OSI Food Solutions has over 65 food processing facilities worldwide. The company produces, and distributes quality food products and food solutions to many of the major food service companies, as well as to the retail market. It is one of the largest privately held companies, and it employs over 17,000 people. The OSI Food Group was established in 1909, and has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois.

With the growing demand for chicken products on the menu, the company plans to double its production and distribution capacity of chicken. Its chicken solutions, such as chicken patties and nuggets, are distributed to many of the fast food chains. With chicken consumption on the rise, its major clients such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Papa John’s, and Starbucks, to name just a few, need to continue to meet customer demand. The same is true for OSI Food Solutions.

As part of an effort to increase their presence in Europe, the company acquired Baho Food. Baho Food is a Dutch company, and it distributes a variety of convenience foods, and deli meats in Europe. Subsidiaries of this company have food processing plants located in Germany and the Netherlands. With this acquisition, which occurred in 2016, OSI Food Solutions will be better positioned to meet its customers’ demands in those markets, as well as close to 20 other countries in Europe.

That was not the only acquisition for the company that year. The company also acquired a former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago. It manufacturered and distributed prepared meals at this location, including chicken pieces, meatballs, and chicken cordon bleu. Tyson Foods still maintains two other food processing plants in Chicago.

The company also acquired Flagship Europe in 2016. This company served the United Kingdom market. It produced and distributed food products such as frozen pies and frozen chicken, to the food service industry in the UK. Its parent company is the Flagship Food Group, located in Denver, Colorado.

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The growth of OSI Group under President David McDonald

David McDonald is Iowa born president of the biggest food manufacturing company in the world called OSI Group. David McDonald started a career in food-related industries immediately after completing his degree in Animal Science. He first landed a job as the Chairman of North America Meat Institute before he switched to OSI Group where he has worked as a project manager. He displayed good performance in his rile and after serving for some time, he was promoted to the position of the president of the company., his determination to offer creative solutions to problems that affected the company and the food manufacturing industry as a whole led to his appraisal.

OSI Group provides food products that are healthy and tasty for human consumption. David McDonald has worked closely with the CEO Sheldon Lavin to create a vibrant company that serves the needs of the people in the best way possible. Together they have pushed the business organization to higher heights of productivity. They have been expanding the company’s reach in the market as well as offering a wide variety of products to consumers depending on their preferences. In the last one year, the company grew immensely with over seven new processing and production plants opened around the globe. The company now has a planned growth which allows them to have a presence in over 16 countries.

In its expansion plans last year, OSI Group bought a former Tyson Foods processing plant located in Chicago for $7.4 million according to Chicago Tribune. According to OSI Group, this acquisition was in line with the group expansion goals. This processing plant occupies over 200,000 square-foot. Some of the products processed by OSI Group include; meatballs, hotdogs, hamburgers, bacon and other pork products, vegetable products and finally poultry products. According to a report done by the Forbes, OSI Group is the biggest privately owned food manufacturing company in the world.

Credit for this kind of development goes to the two senior officers in the company David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin who have worked tirelessly to make the company the best in the industry. Both of them have been with this company for a very long time.