The RealReal Changing how the world sees Fashion and Retail

The company RealReal is currently a cosignment store that is changing the fashion industry. People are enjoying the accessibility of high fashion and the low price of items that were previously owned. They started first as a start up company but through sheer will power of the staff and the execution of the organization they now have their own facility. They interact one-on-one with customers without the help of a shopping center.

The RealReal has named themselves as the premier leader in luxury resell retail of fashion items. Selling to their customers authenticated, pre-owned, or designer brands and go all the way up to 90% off the original retail value. One is able to actually shop looking at displays in their physical stores, scanning these items and shopping for them online all at the same time. At RealReal the website allows customers to purchase also not just clothing, but jewelry and other fashion accessories with high percentages off retail price. Being apart of RealReal makes you not just a customer, but also an owner in that you’re able to sell your own bags, shoes, clothes or jewelry for a profit.

In their physical store they have a variety of things to entertain and attract customers. While one section is a row of available displays that you can shop online. Another flooe of the building contains a wall of sliding racks that allow customers to see mostly hidden cabinets. And within these elegantly hidden cabinets an open chest full of a treasure trove of clothes or items that many describe as a sensational experience.

The online experience is definitely one to try out and enjoy when shopping with RealReal online. However, many say that they will never miss out on the experience of walking in and feeling the fabric in your hand and making a decision based off of first hand experience. Often times when looking at photos of potential purchases whether it be clothing or jewelry we see that to make the photo more aesthetic pleasing some places use photoshop. Either way missing out on the RealReal is something many are not willing to miss out on once they have gotten a taste. However, all new ideas potentially come with a cost. Someone recently went to the news stating their piece of jewelry was given a certain carat weight at purchase, but when measured it allegedly was actually less. RealReal stated nothing in response to this and will continue to promote luxurious resell retail.

Lime Crime’s Special Formula for Makeup and Expansion

Lime Crime is not only cruelty-free, vegan makeup, it’s also vivid, luminous, and youthful. Los Angeles-based e-commerce brand, Lime Crime, was launched by Doe Deere in 2008; one might say it exploded onto the scene like a radiant color bomb, bringing not only guilt-free products to consumers, but also beautiful, vibrant ones.

Lime Crime discovered they had a large market in China before ever even launching their brand overseas. By learning that fake versions of their makeup were being gobbled up by Chinese consumers, they realized they already had a base. “We found that we had over a million units of our [lip topper] product that were counterfeit sold through marketplaces in China last year.” That was a statement by Kim Walls, global general manager for Lime Crime, quoted in a WARC article by Reed Karaim, titled, “Lime Crime’s formula for entering the Chinese market.”

Perhaps we are accustomed to hearing about the Chinese market, but we don’t realize how complex it can be for a company to extend their business there. There were many factors for Lime Crime to consider, not least of which was a government mandate stating that makeup products sold in China must have been tested on animals. In regard to the complications, WARC quoted Walls as saying, “Looking at China, one of the things I knew based on prior experience is that we couldn’t sell in any of the ways that I knew how to sell.” Since Lime Crime is vegan and does not involve animals, they had to overcome this, and they did that by selling directly from the United States.

Revolve is an online clothing, accessory, and makeup retailer that partnered with Lime Crime to be their exclusive selling platform within the Chinese market. Lime Crime nudged its Chinese fans in the direction of Revolve in order to build their consumer base, as well as reinforce the fact that Revolve was the only place to purchase the genuine Lime Crime product in China. This was a wonderful example of brands working together to reach out globally with a united perspective.