O2PUR – Revolutionizing Vaping

O2PUR is a reputable company who sells ecig (electronic cigarette) and ecig supplies. For someone who is new trying an ecig they put together a starter kit which includes everything you need to get started. If you would rather of course, you can pick out your own hardware and made in the US ecig flavors with this trusted brand.

For ecig smokers, it is much more conventional and cost effective than other habits yet still satisfies your taste buds and lungs. O2PUR’s e-liquid’s and pens come in an array of flavors that are smooth and tasty, such as, strawberry, blueberry, green apple, cherry, tobacco flavor, menthol, ripple, coast, and watermelon. You can also choose your flavor to be “frozen” with a hint of menthol for that cool, crisp taste.

Their products are also highly affordable, you can save a lot of money buying the kits they have, and are also coming out with new vape modification box’s which are similar to an ecig but it is much bigger and you can get more of an inhalation of e-liquid. Ecigs and vape mods are more acceptable at public places, do not harm the environment, and are easy to use while giving off a pleasant scent. The mist of air they give off quickly dissipates. On their website and with instructional videos on YouTube, O2PUR is very informative on how to use all of their products and wants to make sure consumers know everything about them.

The other products they offers to customers include their e-liquid infused with smooth nicotine salts, with a special offer going on now when you buy two bottles that are 60ml, you get one for free. They also have different size bottles to choose from in 10ml bottle, 60, or 120ml bottle. The vape pens and accessories are included on their website, you can choose the nicotine strength on your e-liquid to either 6mg, 12, or 24mg.

If you choose none they offer flavors without any nicotine as well. The other products they offer include the replacement coils for the vape box mod’s, they have USB charging cables, car charger adapters, wall charger adapters, carrying cases, and also they have super batteries which have much more power than a standard better and lasts longer. Their super pens are something that is available and those are just like the standard vape pens you can purchase but these ones have more give of an inhalation setting with the super coil in it, and it also has a charging port in it so you can vape while it charges. So no need to buy all of your accessories somewhere else when you can get everything you need with O2PUR.