The Prestigious Career Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is a talented and highly rated orthopedic surgeon based in New York. He is the chairman of the orthopedics at Bronxcare. He is a professional doctor who presents an adept combination of hard work and professionalism which he uses to build strong relationships with his patients to propel medical excellence and exceptional care. He has enjoyed a prestigious career path which is unique and noteworthy. Besides medicine, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has been involved in several other sectors such as information technology, process re-engineering, business management, and leadership positions in non-profit organizations. This has helped in molding the well-rounded and dynamic leader he is today.

In his early career, he established Prodigy Communications Corp. which was jointly owned by Sears and IBM. This is a company that provides its users with information on weather updates, news, banking, travel, and a myriad of other topics ranging from medicine to finance. During this era, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum also worked at Gnu Image, a graphics editing company. Later in 1991, he secured a position at Stryker Corporation, a Med-tech company based out of Michigan as a consultant. He served in this position until 2015 where he played the advisory role in the areas such as implant design, marketing, and data storage. In the mid-90s he also served as the managing director of orthopedics at Medscape, an online company that provides medical specialists with educative and informative materials. Throughout his career path, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has portrayed impressive leadership skills and innovative ideas which have helped develop advanced procedures and systems to help patients heal faster.

Currently, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum works at Bronxcare Health System. He dedicates his skills, expertise, and time to deliver exceptional services to his patients in his area of expertise in knee, shoulder, and hip replacement procedures. He has pioneered the development of numerous new and advanced methods for the replacement of joints and treatment of sports injuries. He has successfully replaced thousands of joints and treated a vast range of sports injuries. He is relentlessly working towards his goal of providing his patients with viable treatment options as he advances his career.

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The Excellent Work of Dr Jennifer Walden

Physical insecurities are common to many people. However, there is no reason to struggle with them anymore because there are now solutions. Cosmetic surgery has come to change everything. Dr Walden offers the cosmetic surgery services in Austin at friendly prices. She is very experienced in the sector because she has been practicing medicine for almost a decade now. She admits that she has also undergone some minor cosmetic surgeries.

Dr Walden has very positive reviews from her clients. They are very satisfied with the services they receive. Dr Walden goes through the available options with her clients to ensure they get what’s best for them. The patients admit that the pre-session that she holds helps in making them feel at ease and ready for the process. One of the patients says that she was unsure of the process. However, after talking with her, she was ready to undergo the operation the same day.

Dr Walden takes you through the whole process. She breaks down the entire process for you to understand. This helps in ensuring that they know all the phases of the operation. This helps in the healing process because research has proved that relaxed patients take less time to heal. She also follows up on the healing process of her patients.

Dr Walden says that they are very many potential patients of cosmetic surgery. She encourages them to drop the fear and live their life without insecurities. She says that many patients are afraid before the surgery; but by the time it is complete, they regret not having done it earlier. One of her high school friends always wanted her breasts enlarged but couldn’t bear the thought of cosmetic surgery. When she finally gained courage and had her breast enlarged and lifted, she couldn’t stop telling other women to try cosmetic surgery.