How Rona Borre Encourages Her Team To Achieve Exceptional Results

Rona Borre discovered her passion for IT recruiting

As the owner of a technology staffing augmentation firm in Chicagoland, Rona Borre has a stake in providing her nationwide clients with professionals who have the skills to begin making an immediate difference in the client’s company. Writing an article for CIO, How To Bridge The Gap Between HR And IT, Borre explains that HR professionals are not always aware of the exact skills the contract worker needs to fill a position in IT department. At Borre’s firm, Instant Alliance, team members are experts are determining the exact skill set that candidates need to perform the tasks that they would be contracted for, ensuring the ideal candidate is sent to the client.  Source:

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Before founding Instant Alliance, Rona Borre discovered her passion for IT recruiting understanding what her clients needed; as CEO, Borre looks for the same passion and drive from her team.  When interviewed by Blue Sky Innovation, Borre says that her top producers have the option to work from home several days per week, or they can come in late or leave early. Understanding that happy workers are more productive, Rona Borre encourages her team to be great, not just good, knowing the rewards that come from their hard work.

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