Boraie Development Partners with Shaquille O’Neal

Last year, Boraie Development announced a partnership with former NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal. Boraie Development is one of the premier construction companies on the east coast. This new project will be the second with Shaquille O’Neal. O’Neal announced the second partnership at an event for the completion of their first team effort.

While details about the second apartment complex are still unknown, O’Neal refers to it as “the House that Shaq Built.” Many predict that he means that the building will be much larger than the first 168-unit apartments they built together. According to one source, the new building will feature 350 units.

However large Shaq’s building ends up being, Boraie Development will ensure that it’s high quality. Recently, Boraie Development showed off their high-quality skills after opening The Aspire. The Aspire is the most luxurious high rise in New Brunswick. It’s a 17-story residence with 238 spacious units.

The Aspire is New Jersey’s first new building in that area. All eyes widened as Boraie Development revealed the extravagant details of their latest project. The building has studio apartments and one- and two-bedroom apartments. Each unit was designed with a modern touch but placed comfort and luxury over aesthetics.

Like all luxury high rises, The Aspire offers unparalleled amenities in one of the most vibrant areas in the city. It even has its own astounding restaurant and retail center downstairs. The Aspire allows all of its resident to live in near-fanciful surroundings every second of the day.

Along with the superior services offered by The Aspire’s highly qualified staff is a 24-hour doorman. The team also includes on-site management and maintenance, who trained to deal with most problems that same day. The garage’s elevator has direct access to the lobby, offering residents first-class privacy and safety while going to and from their vehicle.

The rooms boast high ceilings, at least 9 to 10 feet high. All of the rooms have great views of downtown New Brunswick, and some units have balconies. Those that don’t have balconies or terraces boast oversized windows overlooking the magnificent views.

Regardless of the unit’s size, all living areas have hardwood floors and luxurious wall-to-wall carpeting in the rest of the unit. The kitchens are designed with comfort and ease in mind with an in-home restaurant atmosphere.

Construcap is One of the Leading Real Estate Companies in Brazil

About the Real Estate Business in Brazil

The real estate sector is among the leading industries in Brazil. In recent times, the castor has recorded tremendous growth and more is expected in coming years. The industry on offers attractive investment opportunities for both local and foreign investors.

The country hosts some of the best real estate companies in the world; hence it features widely on the international map. Any investor seeking to invest in Brazil should consider the real estate market which promises much greater returns on Compared to other sectors, the real estate business in Brazil has a much lower risk investment opportunity.

Likewise, the industry is less volatile compared to other sectors like stocks. Investors can achieve stability in their investment by choosing Brazil’s real estate at The country records a steady flow of foreign investment in this industry and word has it that the growth is likely to triple in future.

Mostly, foreign investment in the country’s real estate is seen mainly in the construction of office buildings. Most real estate companies in Brazil give this segment more airtime as they view it as a fast-money-making avenue. One of the renowned real estate companies focusing on construction in the country is Construcap.

About The Construcap

The Construcap is one of the ten leading construction companies in Brazil. The company has been around for many years now, and it focuses on the management of continuous development processes to achieve its mandate. The Construcap is committed to serving its customers, with a dedicated concern to implement sustainable projects with regard to the environment.

Construcap serves both private and public markets in the areas of building, infrastructure, and energy. All the company processes are based on an integrated management platform and is certified accordingly. So far the company has attracted a lot of interests from both local and foreign investors who want to have a stake in Brazil’s thriving real estate industry.

Construcap focuses on integrity programs, corporate responsibility, and training and development among others. Also, Construcap has a well- integrated management system to implement and achieve its mandate to the people. It has attracted many awards alongside having a dedicated and strong customer base.