Securus answers GTL claims with challenge

GTL, one of the prison communications industry‘s minor players, was recently taken to task by its larger competitor, Securus Technologies. Securus issued a challenge for GTL and itself to engage in a technological showdown. Securus suggested that the two companies pit their respective video visitation technologies against one another, to be judged by a third party. Despite the level-playing-field offer from Securus, GTL flatly declined to participate. Securus interpreted this to be vindication of its products and a de facto admission on the part of GTL that its video visitation technology is subpar.

Saving inmates money and generating income for prisons

Since its rollout over a decade ago, Securus’ video visitation software has proven enormously successful. This is due to its dual purpose of serving the inmates themselves as well as serving the needs of the institutions that employ it.

The video visitation system is capable of saving inmates and their families thousands of dollars per year while extending them the capability to stay in nearly uninterrupted contact with each other. This unprecedented level of communications capability between inmates and the outside world has materially contributed to a reduction in disciplinary actions and recidivism in prisons that have installed Securus’ system.

However, the institutions themselves also stand to gain, often handsomely. This is because the jails and prisons where the system is installed typically get to keep a fraction of the cost of every phone call. What’s brilliant about video visitation is that it is actually creating demand that simply didn’t exist before. This is due to the reductions in cost but also to the fact that the technology itself allows for a new means of communication between inmates and loved ones that simply wasn’t possible before. In some cases, these added fees from video visitations can amount to tens of thousands of dollars per year.



Talk Fusion Sets Industry Standards

Talk Fusion is a company known for its incredible innovation and business opportunities. Talk Fusion’s founder, Bob Reina, has long been driving the company towards incredible success. Years ago, Reina worked with developers to come up with the concept of placing video inside of the content of an email. Today, in-email videos are commonplace. They were not when Bob Reina was establishing Talk Fusion’s brilliant marketing system.


Video chat is one of many marketing services and programs Talk Fusion currently offers as part of its catalog. The video chat app is designed to support marketing and promotional strategies. Based on user feedback, the app is doing quite good for those who are relying on the program to support promotional campaigns and business communications.


The professional marketing industry has also noted that the video chat is a solid and outstanding program. So outstanding, in fact, the video chat has been given a very prestigious industry award.


The honor presented to Talk Fusion’s video chat was the “2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award from the Technology Marketing Corporation“. Winning one award of this nature is a big accomplishment. Amazingly, this is the second award the company had taken in 2016.


This particular award highlights communications products that have demonstrated innovations and improvements. The market for such programs is quite crowded. Many solid companies continue to develop new and impressive apps. Talk Fusion has been able to achieve fantastic success beyond what competitors in the field put forth. Talk Fusion has developed additional solid programs besides video email and video chat. Video newsletters and live streaming are two examples of the other outstanding programs available through the company.


Talk Fusion is not likely finished with winning awards. Nor is the company finished with developing new and interesting programs and services. The marketing world is sure to keep an eye on what the firm comes up with next.