Cotemar in Mexico’s Growing Oil and Gas Industry

Cotemar is Mexican Company offering gas and oil services. It started operations in 1979 as S.A de C.V. Its core values, mission, and vision are founded on providing quality. The company services include maritime support operations, developing offshore oil fields, and transporting supplies or personnel using particular vessels. Its transportation services have catering and accommodation provision. Cotemar has been in operation for the past thirty-eight years, and the company’s main client has been Petroleos Mexicanos.

This company strives to expand and grow the gas and oil business and aims at extending its services in the value chain. While at it, Cotemar will integrate additional equipment and effective strategies. It also values loyalty from competent personnel. These approaches will guarantee a business model with high performance. Learn more about Cotemar:

Cotemar has a major responsibility for ensuring that the entire petroleum sector is functioning effectively. Many large companies in Mexico rely on Cotemar to support them in logistics and other operations. The company is advancing its services by increasing maintenance, engineering, construction, and modernization.

It is essential for Cotemar to continue growing. The oil and gas industry is vital in the Mexican economy, and the growth of this company means continued support for this sector. A principal outcome will be a high performing industry that contributes to the economy considerably.

Cotemar operates in a challenging environment, and this circumstance demands that every employee ought to work hard. The success of this company is dependent on the input and performance of employees. Interestingly, this company is mindful of its employees’ welfare since those who perform well are rewarded. Also, staff members with low performance are trained and motivated to become better. Such a working environment is favorable because it improves every worker.

Due to the growth that this company is experiencing, it has invested in a wide array of infrastructure activities. Also, the company has increased manpower to reinforce every area of service. When acquiring employees, Cotemar does not do like other companies. Their strategy is to identify potential talent and develop it. Through detailed training and coaching, workers receive exceptional working skills. Cotemar also makes an effort of retaining its workforce.

The firm is conscious of corporate social responsibility. This program inspires the company to adopt sustainable practices. Cotemar is concerned about the well-being of the people and developing the community.

Its operations are environmentally friendly, and sometimes the company undertakes activities for rehabilitating the natural ecosystem. These CSR efforts have been awarded for the past four years. It is expected that Cotemar will continue serving and protecting the community and environment.