Clay Siegall Contribution in Cancer Treatment

Clay Siegall the CEO and founder of Seattle Genetics established the company in 1998. The biotech firm deals with the production of therapeutic drugs for illnesses that have not experienced significant recovery for a time. Through his leadership, the company developed the first antibiotic drug that was approved by FDA.

The zoology degree holder from the University of Maryland has a genetics Ph. D from George Washington University. His expertise has led to the growth of Seattle Genetics which has over 20 drugs in the pipeline. The firm to has formed collaborations with several drug manufacturers like Pfizer, Bayer, and Genentech.

Dr. Siegall has contributed to the growth of Seattle Genetics professionalism. He started the firm with very few researchers, and of current, he is backed up by top experts in the cancer study. The doctor plans to expand the company in drug development. Seattle Genetics has positioned itself in the drug expansion industry and has the potential to retain its place in the 21st century. Clay believes that old cancer therapies will in future be replaced by better, and many successful drugs.

During an interview with one of the cancer patient, Clay Siegall narrated his inspiration to the formation of Seattle Genetics. His interest in medicine, the influence of technology and passion for fighting diseases was a significant contributor. He chose to focus on cancer therapies during his zoology studies due to the illness of a family member. Siegall witnessed the pain, and other effects patients develop from chemotherapy and thus decided to research for alternatives therapies. The need to also own a business and earn a living was also an inspiration towards the company establishment.

Seattle Genetics earns revenue through the sale of its own developed and approved drugs. The ADCETRIS drug approved by FDA being the first development by the firm is a significant income boost. Engaging in production partnerships is also another source of revenue for the company. However, commencing a business is not easy, and it took Seattle Genetics 10 years to enjoy profits.

About Siegall

Clay Siegall, the Seattle Genetics CEO, worked with the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical research institute in 1991 to 1997. Between 1988 – 1991, he served in the National Institutes of Health. The Alder BioPharmaceuticals board of director has published over 70 publications.

The trained scientist studies on cancer therapies. He established a scientific innovation firm that focuses on research and drug development. Dr. Siegall has led Seattle Genetics to its present level of drug development and approval by the FDA. The solid partnership with Takeda Pharmaceuticals positions the ADCETRIS drug as an international brand in over 65 countries.