Deirdre Baggot Explains Why Bundled Payment Plans Are So Important

Patients in healthcare face many different experiences depending on a wide range of factors. Whether they are seeking out routine care, care in an emergency, or other situations they all face the same common situation. This is that dealing with healthcare is way more complex than it needs to be in America.

Deirdre Baggot is a person that has made significant advances in the healthcare industry to not just makes things easier but to also improve patient outcomes. She is one of the foremost advocates of bundled payment system which not only potentially help doctors and hospitals earn more money but also help patients by making their experience better. They achieve better outcomes and aren’t subject to so many unneeded medical tests. Find out more about Baggot at Resumonk

Deirdre Baggot has worked for a few organizations and has served as a consultant for many more. She started out as a nurse and by advancing her education she became a resource manager. After gaining further education, including earning a Ph.D., she entered the executive ranks in the healthcare industry.

The goal throughout the course of her professional career has been to reduce the cost of accessing healthcare. She is one of the biggest advocates of using bundled payment systems to make healthcare not just more affordable but also more accessible.

Deirdre Baggot says that it isn’t enough to just have a loose understanding of bundled payment systems for people in the healthcare industry. It’s implementing these types of programs that are the real task.

She says that some people in the healthcare industry think that it’s an anomaly to overcode patients visits and that healthcare providers don’t do extraneous procedures in order to earn more money. The reality is that there needs to be limits on what they do so that medical care is something that is affordable and eliminate fraud.

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Deirdre Baggot Is Recognized For Her Achievements With Bundled Payments

Deirdre Baggot attended college in Chicago, Illinois, and Denver, Colorado. She earned an MBA and Ph.D. and started her career at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in 1997. She spent many years working for hospitals and clinics in various positions, and she learned enough through her experiences that she knew she wanted to help make some changes for the industry. So, she started working with bundled payments and has written a lot about them. She believes that they are important so that the doctor and nurse’s job can be made easier and so that things are easier on the patient, as well. Visit to learn more about Baggot

Deirdre Baggot’s experience in the healthcare industry has taught her a lot about its flaws, and she wants to make things go as well as possible. She is dedicated to safety in healthcare, and she even received an award for her safe practices. She is the advisor on several boards and is trusted for her knowledge in this area. She has been nationally recognized for the work that she has done with bundled payments and how she has been a groundbreaker with them.

One of the things that helped Deirdre Baggot early on in her career was creating a checklist. She would look at it when dealing with patients to make sure that she had done everything that she needed to for them and didn’t have to worry about overdoing it. She also says that she is all about deadlines and will make them for herself to keep herself productive. Deirdre Baggot is passionate about her career, and she believes that is the reason for her success because it helps her stay focused on it alone. She has been featured on radio programs and as the speaker for big events. She also works with business development and resides in Denver, Colorado.

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