Diversity In Beauty Is Important to Nicolas Krafft

L’Oreal held a star-studded beauty and fashion show in the middle of the waterways of Paris. This show took place on a floating catwalk with multiple screens showing the events along the shore. Diversity, when it comes to beauty, took the center stage at the show and Nicolas Krafft of L’Oreal was excited to see how well the show had been taken by those in attendance and those watching it online. Stars such as Elle Fanning took to the runway to show off some the looks that are sure to be popular this season.

The show was open to the general public and was a success. For those who could not attend, everything could still be seen along the shore on giant screens. The event was created to be as inclusive as possible for those who were interested in watching. There were people who were tuning in to watch the show from over 30 different countries in different parts of the world. More than 70 different looks for makeup and hair were featured during the show and multiple partnerships with fashion brands were included in the show. Stars of television and movies showed up to the event alongside Paralympic ski champion Marie Bochet who is now an ambassador for L’Oreal

The floating catwalk was highly discussed at last year’s event and people around the world, including Nicolas Krafft, are looking forward to seeing what the brand is going to come up with next. They are continuing to be committed to showcasing different types of beauty from around the world and embracing the diversity of the beauty world.

Nicolas Krafft has been with L’Oreal in different positions since 2002 and has managed to become their Pulp Riot International’s General Manager as of early 2019. This is a big move for the man who graduated from the University of St. Gallen with a degree in business management and began at L’Oreal as a marketing director. In 2006, Nicolas Krafft completed his corporate General Management Programme while still working with L’Oreal. Currently, he is located in the Greater New York area in the United States.

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