Wengie Demonstrates Hair Styles Created in Under 5 Minutes

Youtube video blogger, Wengie, provides a few simple tips on styling hair and hair care in her video, “ 10 Hair Hacks every Lazy Person Should Know!!! Awesome Life Hacks for Hair!”

Indeed, after viewing Wengie’s demonstration for each of the 10 hair styles, one will conclude that these styles are simple and easily accomplished in under 5 minutes leaving time for other daily tasks. Wengie is very colorful and enthusiastic providing stories and humor to her DIY hair projects.

Her hair style projects include: 10. hair care due to consumption of vitamins ( sugar bear hair gummies), 9. a 5 minutes pull-out braid found on Pinterest, 8. hair health due to shampoos without sulfate, 7. bobby pin holders such as a Tic Tac container or magnetic strip, 6. the usage of a metallic utensil to curl hair (similar to a wand), 5. the usage of bobby pins to secure small braids, 4. a way to cover roots by zig zag hair patterns, 3. using a hands free method to blow dry hair, 2. a method to secure the grip on plastic hair clips, and 1. a quick method to creating a messy bun.

Wengie creates a visual set fitting for her topic with a primarily white background complimented by hints of a soft, feminine color palette. The flowers in the background add a nice touch to her scenery. Overall, her video was very pleasing.