Heather Parry Production Dynamo

Heather Parry is definitely on a role with the latest movie hit, “A Star is Born”. Ms. Parry’s career as a television and film has spanned many creative avenues. She began her career working at MTV News, where she became the West Coast Bureau Chief. During this time, she was able to be in the front line in the music and entertainment industry, where she was able to meet upcoming music stars and their managers and production staff. After leaving MTV, she went to work for Adam Sandler at Happy Madison Productions in 2005, as the head of film development and production

In 2015, Ms. Parry began working with Live Nations Productions as the President. Her company has been working to produce documentaries that explore the path of the “artist behind the music”. During this time, she and her company have worked to stream live shows and create short films around the artists. By working in this film and music industry, she has been able to expand her creativity by developing content that helps to bring the artist and their work to the public light. Her experience in the industry has allowed her to focus on production and challenges that the industry faces.

The movie, “A Star is Born”, is her latest project that she and her company have worked to bring forth that focuses on the impact of the music industry and those dealing with mental health issues. She worked diligently to gain access to the production of this film and showed no fear in achieving her goals. She knew her company could produce this highly anticipated film and handle public relations. She knew Bradley Cooper was working on producing the film and she went to work with getting the film started. Her mantra is “Have no fear”, and she brings this expression to her work through her tenacity and creativity.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff Be Doing A Whole Lot

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, Sean Penn’s debut novel does a whole lot of stuff as it bites into a good chunk of problems and social issues as seen through the eyes by Bob Honey, a septic tank salesman, and part-time government assassin. Penn’s book composed by dictation is made up of poetry, rants, and stories about Bob Honey. As Bob Honey responds to the things going on in his world, we can sort of see Penn’s frustrated point of view as he addresses issues such as disaster cleanup and humanitarianism, #MeToo, environmental responsibility, and bullying.

Interestingly in Penn’s novel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a contract assassin and his targets are elderly people who overuse resources. Once they get to a certain point the government marks them for death and Bob Honey goes in and does away with them with his mallet. The elderly people are metaphors for industries that use too many resources and eliminating them is necessary for the survival of the society at large. Though Bob Honey might seem quite dark in his side gig as an assassin, he vibrantly mirrors the humanitarianism efforts of the author when he travels to Iraq to see the damage after the war ends. Honey also goes in at the drop of a hat to help with the relief work following a devastating hurricane in the US. Bob Honey shows what he is passionate about with his humanitarian efforts and has a pro-left sided political stance but then seems to vent his frustration with the #MeToo Movement. Bob Honey addresses the movement with a series of questions as he asks what happened to due process, and if the whole thing is a toddlers’ crusade that reduces rape to reckless child’s play with accusation impunity. While Penn is in support of female empowerment and believes that workplace harassment should not be tolerated, he is clearly critical of a movement that promotes the swift smacking hand of an internet jury instead of due practice.


Among quite a few other issues and problems such as #MeToo, environmental responsibility, and humanitarianism in Bob Honey’s America, the character also confronts bullying done by the cotton candy haired landlord. The cotton candy haired landlord is President Trump, and Bob Honey confronts him by challenging him to a Twitter duel. Besides the invitation to a Twitter duel for the landlord, the epilogue takes a look at the 2016 presidential campaign as Bob Honey describes the landlord being dwarfed by a million women on the day of his inauguration. There is so much to be observed in Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff such as powerful prose, uncommon descriptive words, actual events are seen from the perspective of Bob Honey with his own anger and criticism, familiar sounding groups such as Yellow Lives Matter and a character named Fletcher based on El Chapo just to name a few things.

How the Academy of Art University Contributed to Coco

Last year, a movie came out that captured the hearts of people around the world. Combining Hispanic culture, gorgeous animation, and a breathtaking soundtrack, Pixar film Coco dazzled audiences so much that it became the recipient of the most highly coveted award in the film business: an Academy Award. But how did Coco become the best animated picture? Daniel Arriaga, the senior director at Pixar, credits much of his success to his alma matter: the Academy of Art University in San Fransisco.

Arriaga stated in a recent interview that his experience at the University and training in art and animation made Coco into the success it is today. As someone with Hispanic culture and background, Arriaga also wanted to make sure that Coco’s cultural elements were as accurate as possible so he used the movie to address some common misconceptions about Dio de los Muertos. His artistic training from the Academy of Art University came in handy when designing the city of the dead, sugar skull, and gorgeous flowers that decorate most of the movie’s background. Animating the skeleton characters in the movie proved to be a big challenge as well, but Arriaga and his team proved that skeletons don’t have to be scary and even breathed some life and humor into the skeletons residing in the city of the dead.

After Coco was complete, Arriaga returned to his alma mater to meet with current students and share his success in animation. He emphasized to them the importance of creating a portfolio early on and working hard to keep improving. Arriaga inspired the students that he met with and made them realize that they had the opportunity to do great things, too.

The Academy of Art University is known as the largest privately owned art and design school in the United Stated, and has been home to many famous names, including actress Lauren Conrad, actress and singer Raven Symone, photographer Deanne Fitzmaurice, and many more. Established in 1929, this historic school is known for its rigorous training in all forms of art, including film, photography, fashion, and interior design.

Students at the Academy of Art University can earn their associate’s or bachelor’s degrees in a wide variety of topics. Master’s degrees are available in topics such as architecture and fine art.

Another noteworthy fact about the Academy of Art University is that students regularly compete at an extremely high level. You would be likely to see Academy of Art students at New York Fashion Week or receiving All-American honors for their athletic abilities. It’s no surprise that an alum of such a hands-on university was involved in the production of one of the most renowned animated movies of the year.

Find ut more about Academy of Art University: https://www.tripadvisor.com/AttractionsNear-g60713-d5789272-Academy_of_Art_University-San_Francisco_California.html

Alex Pall & The Chainsmokers

Since their establishment as a music group back in 2012, The Chainsmokers have quickly become one of the most popular music sensations in recent memory. Considering the had a quick rise to fame in the competitive music industry, Alex Pall and The Chainsmokers did have its haters but, for the ultimate prize of music glory. Regardless, Alex Pall is certainly deserving of his quick rise in the music industry considering the amount of work he put in beforehand. For those who know him personally, the success of The Chainsmokers was long overdue. With a combination of top chart hits, music awards and other recognitions, Alex Pall and The Chainsmokers are definitely here for the long run. Consisting of Alex Pall and fellow music artists Andrew Taggart, The Chainsmokers have mostly found success by combining their music skills with other more known music artists. On an individual standpoint, Alex Pall found his way into the music scene as a DJ. Fellow artists Andrew Taggart found a similar path into the music industry hence, their success as a duo group. popular in the EDM, Pop, And Electropop genre of music, Alex Pall & The Chainsmokers are gaining followers from all over the music scene. Furthermore, here is more on the success of The Chainsmokers in the Music Industry

The Chainsmokers & The Music Industry

In an article by interviewmagazine.com on The Chainsmokers & There Successful ways, the article explains everything from their individual start in the industry, as well as their more recent music duo success. With Andrew Taggart, the article discusses how his life met Alex’s by liking the same type of things. Among their many similarities, their obvious love for music is what lead them to each other, according to Andrew. As for Alex, the article explains how DJing and music was just a hobby of his and, it was fate that eventually leads to the creation of the Chainsmokers. In addition to that, the article also discusses their recent success and their upcoming and highly-anticipated music track. Above everything else, the article makes a strong indication that with small but successful past success, their future seems as bright as ever.