Malcolm CasSelle Raised Platform for Micro Payments Cross Geographical Borders

Malcolm CasSelle an extremely effective entrepreneur and Chief Investment Officer of OPSkins a global in-game virtual asset company that provides vehicles for the transfer of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin over it technologically advanced platforms. Malcolm CasSelle is revolutionizing the cryptocurrency industry by leveraging opportunities to advance and decentralized the online asset transfer over the blockchain. OPSkins creates platforms throughout its in-game virtual asset software platform that creates infrastructure for individuals throughout various geographical and continental locations to distribute micropayments that can easily transfer value without the interference of the centralized banking systems. By providing opportunities to leverage their infrastructure and platforms, OPSkins is partnered with (WAX) World Asset Exchange to create an online platform that is second to none in the advancement and distribution of digital assets and other cryptocurrencies.

Malcolm CasSelle was educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he obtained his Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science Also, a Masters in Computer Science was obtained at Stanford University to finish off his foundation in Computer Technology. Malcolm CasSelle began his career as an excellent asset and tremendous industry leader within the internet and computer science industries. Malcolm CasSelle held high-level positions within Facebook, Groupon and several other online companies that are respected as some of the biggest and most profitable social media networks in the world. Malcolm CasSelle has continued to provide revolutionary insight and perspective within the blockchain for the transition and distribution of digital online assets that are revolutionizing the way individuals can transfer and invest in cryptocurrencies.


Malcolm CasSelle continues to expand his intellectual knowledge and experience through the progression of various technologies that can be utilized to streamline the current and future infrastructure of digital online asset transfers. By utilizing the WAX tokens, the value is created that can be transferred over geographical and continental borders without the regulations and stringent rules and guidelines that hinder the immediate and easy transfer a value within the centralized banking platforms. Malcolm CasSelle has produced an opportunity for World Asset Exchange to create micropayments with the use of WAX tokens for individuals and gamers to easily, safely, and securely transfer wealth throughout the world swiftly.


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