Eva Moskowitz’s Success Academy Wins A $250,000 Grant

Recently, Success Academy won a $250,000 grant. The charter school network is planning to announce the development of a new institution.

The Success Academy Education Institute will play a pivotal role in disseminating the charter network’s secrets of their success. Eva Moskowitz posited that their first project shall be using a digital platform to release Success Academy’s curriculum, which shall be forwarded to educators without any charges.

Eva Moskowitz, the founder of the Success Academy, attended the National Charter School Conference that was held in Washington DC to receive the Broad Prize. Notably, the new organization is not related to the Broad Prize.
Success Academy receives support from wealthy hedge fund experts. In the year ending 2014, the institution received $60 million in revenue while in 2013, they generated $42 million. To this end, the $250,000 award was a drop in the bucket for the charter school network.

When accepting the prize, Eva Moskowitz contended that the Broad Foundation award is a true reflection of the charter chain’s commitment to providing underserved kids with quality education. Eva Moskowitz went on to state that the award shows that students who live in poor inner-city neighborhoods can perform well or even better than pupils from affluent suburbs.
The success of the institution is anchored on its K-4 ELA curriculum. Through this program, teachers are guided on how to develop their lessons based on “shared texts” and guided reading. The tutors are also supposed to read aloud to children and recommend different books that are in line with a given lesson. From a glance, one is able to see the content-richness and depth of what the students of Success Academy read and learn.

In New York City, the pedagogy of “balanced literacy” sought to encourage tutors to anchor their literacy lessons of writing and reading. According to Eva Moskowitz, the balanced literacy strategy adopted by Success Academy directs student’s attention out of the window, but not in the mirror.



Cotemar in Mexico’s Growing Oil and Gas Industry

Cotemar is Mexican Company offering gas and oil services. It started operations in 1979 as S.A de C.V. Its core values, mission, and vision are founded on providing quality. The company services include maritime support operations, developing offshore oil fields, and transporting supplies or personnel using particular vessels. Its transportation services have catering and accommodation provision. Cotemar has been in operation for the past thirty-eight years, and the company’s main client has been Petroleos Mexicanos.

This company strives to expand and grow the gas and oil business and aims at extending its services in the value chain. While at it, Cotemar will integrate additional equipment and effective strategies. It also values loyalty from competent personnel. These approaches will guarantee a business model with high performance. Learn more about Cotemar: http://cotemar.com.mx/compania/filosofia-cotemar/

Cotemar has a major responsibility for ensuring that the entire petroleum sector is functioning effectively. Many large companies in Mexico rely on Cotemar to support them in logistics and other operations. The company is advancing its services by increasing maintenance, engineering, construction, and modernization.

It is essential for Cotemar to continue growing. The oil and gas industry is vital in the Mexican economy, and the growth of this company means continued support for this sector. A principal outcome will be a high performing industry that contributes to the economy considerably.

Cotemar operates in a challenging environment, and this circumstance demands that every employee ought to work hard. The success of this company is dependent on the input and performance of employees. Interestingly, this company is mindful of its employees’ welfare since those who perform well are rewarded. Also, staff members with low performance are trained and motivated to become better. Such a working environment is favorable because it improves every worker.

Due to the growth that this company is experiencing, it has invested in a wide array of infrastructure activities. Also, the company has increased manpower to reinforce every area of service. When acquiring employees, Cotemar does not do like other companies. Their strategy is to identify potential talent and develop it. Through detailed training and coaching, workers receive exceptional working skills. Cotemar also makes an effort of retaining its workforce.

The firm is conscious of corporate social responsibility. This program inspires the company to adopt sustainable practices. Cotemar is concerned about the well-being of the people and developing the community.

Its operations are environmentally friendly, and sometimes the company undertakes activities for rehabilitating the natural ecosystem. These CSR efforts have been awarded for the past four years. It is expected that Cotemar will continue serving and protecting the community and environment.

Yanni Hufnagel as Best Recruiter in College Basketball

Mr. Yanni Hufnagel has been regarded as one of the most astonishing assistant basketball coaches as he has shown an impressive talent for recruiting team members.

Mr. Yanni Hufnagel has been a part of the basketball team of the Harvard University since the year of 2009. He has been the assistant coach for Crimson – the Harvard basketball team. In 2013, the Crimson basketball team played against the University of Memphis basketball team, trained by fellow Coach Josh Pastner. Both Mr. Yanni Hufnagel and Coach Josh Pastner are Jewish, a rare occurrence among basketball coaches. This unusual combination of team coaches stirred noticeable excitement for the match where the two teams were to face off against each other. The reason for that was the fact that both of them are Jewish. In basketball, there are not many Jewish coaches or players, and that came as an added factor for interest from the side of the audience and the media.

Mr. Yanni Hufnagel was offered the position soon after he had the interview for it with Coach Jeff Capel. The coach was driving Mr. Yanni Hufnagel to the airport and could not resist but tell him that the job is his if he still wanted it. What had impressed him enough to give him the job was the unending enthusiasm that Mr. Yanni Hufnagel had expressed for college basketball and the sport of basketball as a whole. Mr. Yanni Hufnagel had a sufficient amount of knowledge, and it was evident to Coach Jeff Capel, that the man he was interviewing knew what he was talking about.

Mr. Yanni Hufnagel was a part of a survey a few years ago. Almost every coach that took the survey chose him as one of the best recruiters in the sport; even the opposing teams had circled his name.

Law Analysis By Karl Heideck

Law Analysis By Karl Heideck
Law Analysis By Karl Heideck

In early 2017, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney signed a new law prohibiting employers from inquiring about applicants previous salaries. The law mostly aims to help decrease the gender wage gap, but also helps protect the privacy and rights of all employees. As with any new law, there were a few hindrances. Area employers filed a lawsuit, claiming that their First Amendment rights were being challenged.

Ultimately, the city waived the lawsuit, allowing the law to be enacted. In the article, “Karl Heideck Analyzes Why Judge Won’t Halt Philadelphia’s New Salary History Law”, Lawyer Karl Heideck cites the failure of the complaint to specifically identify who would be harmed by this law as the reason for its failure. As Karl Heideck explains, companies involved in the lawsuit may not be eager to disclose their identity, as it doesn’t exactly boost their PR reputation.

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Graduating from Temple University in 2009, Karl Heideck is a hire counsel listed attorney with a wide breadth of experience, practicing in the greater Philadelphia area for over six years. Focusing on mainly litigation, compliance, and risk management review, Mr. Heideck’s honed focus gives him an increased ability to create successful outcomes for his clients. He is currently working as a contract attorney at Grant & Eisenhofer, where he works with material relating to securities fraud and banking litigation. At his former position as a project attorney at Pepper Hamilton LLP, Karl Heideck served as a top level quality control specialist, reviewing and gathering materials for a series of litigation cases. In addition to practicing law, Karl Heideck also hosts a blog, where he uses his extensive experience in the field to help readers better understand laws being put in to place. With over 6 years of reputable experience and a passion for law, Karl Heideck continues to practice with an high standard of success.

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Dr Jennifer Walden Presents Innovative Technology in Plastic Surgery

When it comes to plastic surgery Dr Jennifer Walden is an authority on plastic surgery technology. She has become one of the most recognized professionals in the industry. Much of what she has done is assess how technology is changing the way that people are doing plastic surgery.Dr. Jennifer Walden has been known to be one of the surgeons that educates patients on things like breast augmentation and non-procedure issues that address things like the double chin. If there is any type of innovation in plastic surgery there is a good chance that Dr Jennifer Walden will be on top of it. She stays abreast of the changes that are influencing people to consider certain procedures.

When people get a chance to see what Dr Jennifer Walden does they may be even more inclined to become patients. Manhattan is where she built her first practice and started her career, but she would also move to Austin and establish herself there as well. With the new practice she has been able to add testimonials to her website. This gives her an even greater sense of credibility.Dr. Jennifer Walden knows that there is much interest in plastic surgery.

Many people may not want to admit it, but there is certainly an interest in her profession. She has done lots of breast augmentation and rhinoplasty procedures, and she feels that this is often the springboard for enhanced confidence. Anyone that has ever struggled with confidence will take some interest in what Dr Jennifer Walden is bringing into the equation. She can help people make the best decisions for what they want to do. There is a lot of interest in her work in plastic surgery, and people are going to gravitate towards her work when they get to see her skills.

White Shark Media’s Stunning Growth.

According to several newsworthy entities, White Shark Media is the world’s fastest growing  IT firm. The company indeed is on a steady growth which is even rumored to be unsustainable. The Florida-based company however silenced the rumors by constructing a 6000 square foot compound to contain all its business and growth. The company attributes its stunning growth rate to a robust capacity built to handle bulk orders coupled by spreading customer reviews from satisfied clients. The leading digital Ad agency has been furnishing its clients with impressionable digital marketing, branding, marketing, and advertising. The services, moreover, are reportedly always on time and gracefully delivered.

The company basically sets up small businesses with the most efficient marketing strategies online at lower market prices. They ensure to align your brand with the most appealing marketing pulling dynamics. Then, they evaluate their clients’ Adwords Campaigns for the sake of improving on them.Their pay per click services are also significantly much lower that conventional ones.

At request, White Shark Media reviews a business’ marketing program, both online and offline. Then it goes out of its way to determine the efficiency your preferred keywords bring to the overall reach of the targeted clients. White Shark Media then proceeds to put the Ad strategy to the test. Their perks for being Bing Ads Elite SMB and Premier Google Partner make their services much more coordinated and fast. They can easily evaluate a firm’s general tracking efforts and Ad extensions.

The company is actually one of the most referred IT Firms in the world. The only reason why I had to contract them was to avoid pressure from my friends. All of them seemed to be very happy about White Shark Media. Ultimately, I was satisfied and happy as well.

Social Media in Business

Do you want to work on a project that can transform a business? Social media marketing is one of the most important things that companies can do to market to new customers. The problem is that few people have experience in this area that can actually add value to others.

Bernardo Chua is one of the leading marketing minds in the world today with his thoughts in business.

Not only that, but he is ready and willing to take things to the next level in his life and career. He has proven that he is excited about helping other companies, and he has a track record of doing so over the years.

Bernardo Chua

From the time he was young, he has always wanted to help other people in their life and career. Not only that, but he wants to help them in other areas as well. If you want to learn how to add value to the lives of other people, he is the person to work with.

Bernado Chua has built a great brand in the business world simply by working on things that other people are scared to. He is really excited about all of the changes that he is making in business, especially those where he knows he is adding a lot of value.

If you want to learn how to turn your company around through marketing, using his services is a great way to go. He has a track record of success to show that his methods work on making things happen in a positive manner.

Final Thoughts

Bernardo Chua has proven that he is excited about all of the changes that are taking place in the business world. He knows what drive incremental sales for companies, and he wants to use his marketing knowledge to continue to drive these changes.

He is investing heavily into his brand to grow the business in the coming years. Not only that, but he is ready and willing to make things happen at a high level in the future. A lot of people are ready to start working with him.

Learn more about Bernardo Chua: http://www.zoominfo.com/p/Bernardo-Chua/676218748

Some of these amazing EOS Lip Balms for the taking

EOS lip balms are deliciously flavored lip hydrating balms. These balms are available in Canada to all of those lip balm fanatics. These lip balms are antioxidant-rich, vitamin E, soothing shea butter, and jojoba oil rich. They have a number of flavors. The lip balms are dermatologist testes and approved. The lip balm offers each customer a chance to experience soft, smooth, and beautiful lips, see youtube.com. Strawberry Sorbet is one of the popular lip balms. A few of the popular flavors are the sweet strawberry sorbet and the mint. The pink lip balm is delicious with a sweet sorbet taste. The sweet mint has a cool feeling to it. The mint allows for the balm to penetrate into the lips for maximum hydrating and a great feeling. These two balms are completely organic, check this out. For a more intense hydration, EOS has soft smooth spheres one flavor is vanilla mint. This flavor is a deep penetrating lip hyrdrater. EOS offers shimmer lip balms for a hint of color which has a hint of shimmer in it. Click blogwebpedia.com for more similar articles. Active lip balms offer a sweat proof option for maximum hydration during activity, and hot weather. Lastly, for a different appearance, the sticks are offered by EOS as a more traditional look of the holder.

Gather more info here on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQEsd7_LaLk

Sawyer Howitt: Taking Meriwether to the Next Level

The founder of The Meriwether Group, David Howitt, has portrayed outstanding leadership skills for the time he has served at his company. His son, Sawyer Howitt, has taken after him as he’s also a great businessman. Sawyer’s work at the company is to manage different departments and ensure that the needs of the clients are met. He has followed in his father’s footsteps to build a reputable brand and expand the firm’s boundaries. Those who know Sawyer Howitt confirm that he’s gaining business skills through his managerial position at Meriwether. He understands what the job requires and oversees the company’s finances and operations.

Sawyer Howitt is one of Oregon’s brilliant young minds. He attends Lincoln High School, where he’s currently in his senior year. The young business manager is interested in business and finance studies. Although he hasn’t worked in his father’s company for many years, he has gained some experience that allows him to relate with the consumer. He understands the importance of building a brand that the customers can connect with. Aside from working as a project manager at The Meriwether Group, Sawyer participates in charitable activities that advocate for the rights of women. He’s part of an organization that works towards offering education to the less fortunate.

During one of his school holidays, Sawyer Howitt worked at Kure Juice Bar. This job enabled him to understand customer service and its importance to businesses. He enjoys photography and listening to music when he’s not doing charity work or managing projects at his father’s company. Sawyer Howitt is a skilled athlete. He plays at the Oregon Racquetball Club.

About The Meriwether Group

The main offices for The Meriwether Group are in Portland, Oregon. The firm also has offices in the city of San Francisco. David Howitt is the founder and CEO of Meriwether. The company has a broad client base that includes both small and large enterprises. They work with other companies to help them achieve their organizational goals. The Meriwether Group studies strategic steps to develop plans that can enable its clients to get more capital and expand their businesses. Also, they offer pro-tips to firms that want to stay ahead of their competitors.

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Goettl Gives Advice On Becoming Energy Efficient Throuhgout The Summer

The Goettl brand of HVAC technicians and servicing professionals has a long and storied history in the Southwest of the U.S. where the company has always been known for the high quality of the work completed by its employees. In a bid to help as many people as possible, which is the aim of the Goettl brand, the company has recently released two articles detailing the many different ways open to its customers as they look to stay cool and energy efficient throughout the Summer months.

In the “Goettl’s Tell All Secrets to Staying Energy Efficient This Summer” the company reveals one of the major issues facing property owners is the fact they may have positioned their unit in the wrong location; a unit that is located in direct sunlight will work harder to cool warmer air and result in the utility bills for the property rising to higher levels. As part of the drive towards a more energy efficient future the Goettl brand is looking to promote the use of a growing number of technologies that can be controlled via mobile devices connected by the “Internet of Things”.

Goettl has a long history of bringing HVAC systems to the people of the Southwest where the entire way of life was altered by the fact brothers Adam and Gust Goettl began their heating and cooling company in the 1930s. Prior to the establishment of their brand of HVAC units being created the people of Phoenix, Arizona were forced to flee to areas of Southern California to escape the stifling Summer heat each year; the Goettl brand is now linked to the Southwest of the U.S. where the company has maintained its position as a leading provider of HVAC servicing and maintenance technicians in Phoenix, Las Vegas, and now in various parts of Southern California.

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