Isabel do Santos Begins

The number of African millionaires keeps shrinking every year. This year there are only 20. There are a few of these that have much more than in the millions. One of these is Isabel dos Santos whose current fortune is estimated at 2.3 billion euros. She herself has seen a decline with this fortune estimated at 2.7 billion euros just last year. Despite this fact, she rose in the rankings of the richest people in Africa with the number one spot held by Aliko Dangiote of Nigeria. However, his finances have also shrunk since last years.

The primary reason of so much loss among the African wealthy population is because many of their companies have lost in the worth of their stock shares. Of the people on this short list of 20, Isabel dos Santos and Folorunsho Alakjada of Nigeria are the only women. Among the African countries represented, South Africa and Egypt have the greatest, with five individuals from each. Isabel was born into wealth and power as the oldest child of the former Angolan president, Jose Eduardo dos Santos. Her mother Titiana who was born in the united Russia.

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After graduating high school, Isabel dos Santos studied electrical engineering at King’s College in London. After college, she worked in a number of businesses. In the 1990s she returned to Angola to assist her father. In 1997, she founded her first business there called the Miami Beach Club.she started amassing her great personal well by acquiring stakes in Angolan companies. She eventually started making overseas investments, particularly in Portugal. During all of her adult life, she has been an incredibly active businesswoman, becoming Africa’s first female billionaire in 2013.

In 2016 her father appointed her chairwoman of Sonangel, the Angolan state oil, company but Isabel dos Santos was fired the following year after her father was finally replaced as president. Angola, Algeria, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe have one millionaire each.



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