The Story of how Information Technology Changed Under Vinod Gupta

The world of information accessibility has grown immensely in recent decades. The average person would have to pull out a paper map or ask friends and family for directions for where to go. However, these days that information is just a simple click away on a cell phone.

Vinod Gupta is the individual who lead the charge of this modern day change. He grew up in India, where he dreamed of all the possibilities he could become. This lead to pursue an education in the United states, where a series of lucky breaks sent him on the fast track to success. He recounts his tale in a recent Ideamensch article.

The journey of any individual has a starting point. In the case of Vinod Gupta, it began when he finished college at the University of Nebraska. He was imminently employed by a company that tasked him with information gathering. This was a very tedious job as it came before the advent of the internet. Vinod Gupta’s painstaking labor inspired to create an all encompassing information database that businesses and consumers could use. Upon completion of the job, he took out a bank loan of $100 and built his corporation in a matter of years.

InfoGROUP completely changed the game in how consumers and business could receive information, and the amount of information that was obtainable. Vinod Gupta eventually left the company to pursue funding high potential start-ups.

He believes that the world is always evolving, and a younger generation should forge their own future. Vinod Gupta is also fascinated by how new technology might change how information in processed in the future.

Vinod Gupta is a modern individual who saw a need in the market, and filled that need through his own ambition and personal drive to succeed.

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