Paul Saunders Of James River Capital Talks About The Effects Of Burnout

Burnout can have a big impact on a person’s life. Work can be stressful, and combined with the stress of personal life, the risk of burnout increases. It’s important to pay attention to warning signs and try to take early action in order to avoid burnout. Making necessary changes falls on the shoulders of both the employees as well as the employer in case signs of burnout start to show.
Paul Saunders, the co-founder of James River Capital Corp. highlighted a few effects that burnout can have and pointed to certain things employers can do in order to keep the people motivated. One of the first thing listed by Saunders is the fact that employees should have flexible structures and policies. Constrictions can make people feel trapped, and in case employees start losing control over aspects of time management and scheduling they will begin feeling helpless. According to the businessman, employees should be encouraged to take 10 to 15 minutes every morning in order to outline what they want to accomplish during the day, in order to help them regain control.
The loss of confidence is also an effect of people who experience burnout. They will start second-guessing themselves as well as the quality of their work. Once this happens, employees will not engage and contribute as much when it comes to their tasks. This can be mitigated by the employers, by simply checking in with the people in order to help them set reasonable personal goals and help them regain confidence. Achievable performance goals could help them get back on track.
Burnout can also be the result of being overlooked when it comes to promotions, not being compensated properly, or simply due to a lack of communication from the upper management. This results in employees having negative feelings towards employers and they will start experiencing burnout. This can be fixed by being more transparent with the employees, and communicating with them openly and honestly.
Stress can be harmful to all parties involved, as employees who experience burnout will lack motivation, and will be surrounded by a sense of negativity. Employers should talk to their employees and try to offer support. Saunders considers that employers should encourage people to take up a new hobby and try to disconnect from their work when they get out of the office.
About James River Capital Corp.
The firm was founded in 1986 in Richmond, Virginia, under the name KP Futures Management Corp., serving as the Kidder, Peabody & Co’s alternative investment department. The firm became independent when Kevin Brandt and Paul Saunders bought it in 1995. The two were senior officers in that department, and the acquisition took place at the same time Kidder, Peabody & co. got acquired by Paine Webber. Learn more:

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