How Todd Levine Stays Successful In Law

Todd Levine has been working in the legal field for his entire professional life; as a founding member and attorney at Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine there are very few types of cases that Todd Levine hasn’t taken part in. The vast majority of his cases, however, have been in the likes of real estate; he’s represented clients for both residential and commercial real estate. As an attorney, Todd Levine usually has specialized in cases that arise out of commercial real estate projects and transactions.

During this time, he’s been extremely successful and has won the majority of his cases; in fact, he’s got quite an impressive track record among his peers. His creative and analytical skills have ensured that Todd Levine creates a variety of clever and outside-the-box legal strategies that many haven’t been able to defend against properly. Since co-founding Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine, he’s gone on to bring critical applause from many in the industry; the company was even named one of the best legal firms in the United States recently.

This success as an attorney has led many to wonder how Todd Levine could be so successful in the industry while seemingly making it look easy. One of the biggest lessons he has for those looking to advance in any career is to learn everything about that particular industry. By becoming an expert in a given field, you can offer clients exceptional service and deliver the best results possible. Because of that, he’s noted that people need to specialize in a particular area, which can often be a significant service for clients in itself. See Levine’s profile on Crunchbase

Lastly, Todd Levine has said that you have to love your job to become successful in it. According to Mr. Levine, nobody has ever been able to advance in a career that they hate. Because of that, he says that people are better off switching to another job that they may prefer; the result will be a lot more rewarding, both personally and professionally. Not only would you be more satisfied at work, but it would also have a positive impact on your performance, letting you advance in your career.

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What is the SEC Whistleblower Program?

For many years, citizens, employees or customers that have suspected any type of unlawful practice regarding federal securities laws, hesitated to report the infraction. The reason for this fear, more times than not, centered around retaliation or lack on anonymity. After the financial crisis in 2007-2008, congress dentifrice this lack of reporting as a check and balance that might have helped to avert the crisis. As a result, in 2010, the SEC Whistleblower Program was developed and deployed. The programs primary goal is to make it more palatable for those suspecting securities wrongdoing, have a safe and confidential method to report their concerns.

For the most part, anyone can use the Whistleblower program. The whistleblower does not have to have any direct engagement with the suspected organization. This widens the number of individuals who can report and helps to “widen the net” and increases the visibility on organizations and their practices.

To file a complaint, the accuser would enlist the assistance of a SEC Whistleblower attorney. Together, they would complete and return the required Whistleblower submission. Given the vast number of tips that the SEC receives, the level of detail, exhibits and fact sheets in order to receive a heightened level of interest from the SEC to investigate and decision. Over 4000 tips from this program alone come in to the SEC, completeness and detail are necessary in order to catch the eye of the regulators.

The tip, once received, is given an initial review of the detail contained in the complaint and determines if there is a potential violation of federal security laws that needs to be investigated. Once it is determined that the tip has merit, it is passed to the Enforcement Division. The tip will then be fully investigated, decisioned and if an enforcement action is determined (wrong-doing confirmed), a potential reward might be granted to the Whistleblower. Rewards are normally given to “original” submissions with data that directly led to the enforcement action. The timing of the award, on average, can run between 12 months to 18 months. Lastly, if an award request is declined by the SEC, there is a full appeal process that the Whistleblower can file for reconsideration.

Agera Energy And Eversource Bring Clean Energy

By way of Agera Energy, Eversource engages in many energy-efficient ways across Massachusetts to help consumers receive grade-A service from the 8,000 or so employees readily available to help. Giving back to the community by providing clean energy, put solid laws protecting the environment in place, considerably lowering the carbon footprint and preserving natural resources are a few of the ways Agera Energy and Eversource help customers and businesses.

The Energy Savings Plan from Eversource and Agera Energy help customers figure out a suitable plan to assess the amount of energy used, bills received prior to the switch and how well the energy runs in comparison with others in the same vicinity. Agera Energy and Ever source constantly find more innovative ways to cover Massachusetts in sustainable energy.

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Organo Gold, a recognized marketing platform has recently associated coffee with music understanding. Just like music it takes talent and long-term experience to create good music, and so as coffee, it is far much better to have an encounter with it rather than trying to describe it.

Coffee culture is defined as adoption and diffusion of coffee as a stimulant widely consumed by a particular group of individuals, particularly for socialization purposes. Understanding the coffee culture definition better comes with one visiting a coffee shop since the culture is made up of interaction between two coffee consuming parties.

Coffee obsession in Northern America has led to writers to pen down some waves which justify the Americans different styles of coffee consumption. Every wave of coffee consumption is an improvement of the previous stream.

The first wave entails the availability of coffee through traditional coffee pots during dinner which is greatly influenced by the instant coffee invention. The second wave concentrates majorly on making the coffee more delicious while the third wave is characterized in how the coffee lovers appreciate the value of the drink itself rather than its marketing perspectives.

Organo Gold whose primary purpose is to provide high-quality coffee has shared brilliant ideas on how to make a delicious coffee of one’s preferences. Organo Gold has mentioned one of the flavors and also what they bring about to your coffee.

Some of the spices mentioned include cinnamon mocha which makes the coffee to be creamy and sweet. Other spices which can cause coffee more delicious also include pumpkin spice and iced orange creamsicle. Organo Gold has also not forgotten to mention the most convenient and cheap ways on how one can use these spices to make coffee more delicious.

Commitment Of Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda is the leaders and the founder of the agency by the name KOI IXS a full-service. He has set in place all the measures that have allowed the firm to foster the matters of marketing. The area that the company has concentrated much on is marketing. So far, several brands have dedicated their efforts to work with KOI IXS. The reason behind the success of the company is the excellent leadership that has been implanted by Edwin Miranda. The other factor is the application of modern technology in solving so of the arising challenges in the field of marketing. The companies that have work with the organization have seconded their move and commitment in an effort of linking different brands with new clients. The primary thing that KOI IXS agency has marked in the areas of marketing is creating a platform that engages the new customer with the different brands. The pragmatic skills that Edwin Miranda has applied have made the company occupy the top scene in the market. The other factor that has made him succeed in the objectives that he is crafting in the agency is the knowledge that he has in reading trends in market. He is one of the dedicated leaders who handle the matters regarding the leadership with preference.

KOI IXS a full-service through the leadership of Edwin Miranda has occupied the top position on matters of marketing and linking clients with different brands. The primary thing that made Edwin Miranda have an urge to set up the urgency that deals with different brands are the passion that he had and the heart of assisting. Edwin Miranda always would wish to assisted the designers and the creative thinkers achieve their dreams by applying their skills.

Edwin Miranda has made different brands achieve a lot through his agency of marketing, KOI IXS.

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Garnering Excellence Awards in Investment Management: Madison Street Capital

The Madison Street Capital Team’s performance when they facilitated the transaction between the take-over of Sachs Capital Group on the RMG Networks. The transaction involved other companies that were in alliance with the Sachs Capital Group such as the Virgo Network and the Merion Investment Group which dispensed the funding for the debt management for the transaction. The Madison Street Capital Team was awarded the Distressed M&A Deal of the Year for their transaction regarding Sachs Capital Group. The Madison Street Capital Team handling the case of the Sachs Capital Group was led by the Senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital – Barry Petersen.



Madison Street Capital had the passion and the talent of their team members to thank for the award they were given. They recognize the work that was done by their team members – for their hard work, effort, and commitment to the cause. The award that was given to Madison Street Capital elevates the company into greater heights and is another milestone in propelling the Madison Street Capital into greater heights. Their ability to handle complex and complicated transactions was proven once again in their management of the transaction of the Sachs Capital Group.



In addition to the awards that they received, there are stacking recognitions that reinforces the Madison Street Capital reputation. They have been receiving awards like the Transaction of the Year, Sector Deal of the Year, Firm of the Year, Restructuring of the Year, Service of the Year and Professional of the Year. On the nomination they have received, they have battled with over 270 companies and was judged by an extremely credible governing body.



The awards that Madison Street Capital has gained will be formally awarded in a black suit and tie gala in Palm Beach, Florida this coming March 28 in the 2019 M&A Advisor Distressed Investing Summit. All the details will be in the event’s official site.



Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that operates and is recognized internationally. They have integrity, leadership, excellence and outstanding service as their main driving factors in achieving success. Madison Street Capital provides financial advise to corporate firms, mergers, acquisitions – and their financial opinions is valued greatly by the clients that they serve. Madison Street Capital caters to both public and private entities. In Madison Street Capital, they value the goals of their clients as if it was theirs to begin with, which makes them so efficient as an investment manager.


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Sussex Healthcare Advancing To Greater Heights

Sussex Healthcare has maintained great zeal towards advancing to greater heights from the time it was founded. Their core agenda is for their organization to be at par with other health organizations and even be better than. This mentality has been passed on to those who work at the organization as well as their customers. In the recent past, the organization has taken into considerations into what makes them successful and ways in which they can improve the way they conduct their organization thus offering its customers quality and affordable services, the management team has continued working hard towards the realization of it in some days to come.

Some of the strategic plans which Sussex healthcare has laid towards enhancing their services and fill the gaps that have been established include communication whereby their objective is to offer necessary information to their workers and customers in all dimensions. Communication can be viewed as a fundamental aspect when it comes to the successful running of any organization.

As Sussex Healthcare operates across several homes they have ensured that the managers located at every site leads and directs the working staff towards offering better services and improving the lives of residents surrounding the homes. Driven by making a positive impact as well as make a difference, the workers are greatly committed and extremely working hard despite the fact that making positive impact to the community takes time.

Impressed by the level of change at Sussex Healthcare, Coo Steve Whittingham acknowledges the progress and also highlights that change is not always upheld and accepted by all people. The fact that they are doing things differently does not necessarily mean that they have been doing it all wrong but its just an attempt of improving what they offer towards enhanced customer satisfaction.

For over five years, Lynn Lovet managed the Upper Mead home, as she is by far considered as one of the individuals who has been making significant and impactful changes at the organization. All this has been as a result of she and her team being driven by the same motive of working together as a unit towards ensuring that people they care for receiving nice treatment at the family home.

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Krishen Iyer Highlights Some of the Marketing Trends to Observe in 2019

Krishen Iyer, founder, and CEO of Managed Benefits Services is a seasoned entrepreneur and marketer. Managed Benefits Services specializes in lead generation and consultancy in health care and dental insurance marketing. Krishen Iyer emphasizes effective marketing strategy as key to the success of his company and those he consults for. He adds that it entails the use of current and not- so- current tools or methods of marketing to leverage products and services to consumers. Krishen Iyer highlights eight marketing methods that should be relevant and effective for the year 2019.


It 2018, Facebook was hit by the privacy and data breach scandal that saw significant user flight. Despite this, the platform remains the leading social media outlet. Data has it that adults above age 65 constitute 40% of Facebook users , making the social media outlet a significant platform for health insurance to employ the platform as part of their marketing strategy tool.

The interactive nature of the platform makes it easy to monitor response to medical articles and health tips posted to attract potential clients. It also provides cheap Ads as people engage thus reducing marketing expenses.


Products tailored for consumers under the age of 30 will be best advertised on Instagram. Its scalable features and adds-on make it a fast-growing platform preferred by the sponsored influencer placements. Additionally, Instagram is experiential due to its visual nature hence the use of high definition images and videos will be well received.


Chatbots as a marketing strategy can be added on to company websites to interactively keep a consumer interested in a product and obtain more information and assurances about the brand in question on a 24-hr basis.

Video Marketing

Videos are attractive and on- the -go methods of connecting with customers creating trust about a product. It also compels them into taking action hence improving their bottom line.

Live Video

Live videos rivet the attention of the viewer to the end, thus allowing a close connection with the audience since consumers can interrogate product providers. Live videos can be integrated into Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Krishen Iyer believes that the stated marketing strategies should be useful to marketers in especially in the healthcare sector.

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Rebel Wilson Breaks New Ground In “Isn’t It Romantic”

While most films aim to tell a story that will lose the viewer in a world of fantasy, some movies break the fourth wall or comment on themselves in a clever tongue-in-cheek way. This is what audiences get with comedy star Rebel Wilson’s new movie Isn’t It Romantic, which is a romantic comedy about being stuck in a romantic comedy.

Wilson plays an ambitious young architect named Natalie, who is marked by her terrible luck at work and her deeply cynical views of love and romance.

After trying to stop a mugger in a New York City subway tunnel, Natalie hits her head and wakes up in an alternate reality where the events of her life are just like a cheesy romantic comedy movie. In her attempt to dodge corny cliches, she must find her way back to reality and to a real version of love.

The film is a slightly different role for the dry and witty Wilson, who usually steals scenes as a purely comedic force. It was her comedic supporting role in the Pitch Perfect series that won her several awards and nominations, as well as rocketing her to star status in Hollywood. Isn’t It Romantic introduces Wilson as not only a comedienne but the leading lady in a romantic plot. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

She is flanked by heart-throb Liam Hemsworth as the romantic interest and Adam DeVine as the best friend and competing love interest. The film also features the talented Priyanka Chopra as a yoga ambassador from India.

Though there are additional challenges to playing a romantic lead, Wilson is up to it and is showing off her dancing skills in a recently released clip. However, she has not always been so bold. In many interviews, Rebel admits that she was a painfully shy child and young teen.

After reading an article about how difficult it can be to change a personality after the teen years, Wilson sought to reinvent herself in a big way. She began speaking out and becoming the bombastic personality the world knows and loves today. Her first forays into acting were in her native Australia’s local theaters.

She then moved to New York City and did theater there, where she found that people mostly laughed while she was trying to perform seriously. Her role in American media then became very clear, and Rebel began to pursue television and film roles as a comedienne under William Morris Endeavor talent agency.


Right after signing, she scored her first break-out supporting role in Judd Apatow’s Bridesmaids. America soon began to take notice of this new hilarious talent and the rest is history.

Isn’t It Romantic promises to be a delight and undoubtedly the beginning of a lead-role film career for Rebel Wilson.

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Heather Parry Production Dynamo

Heather Parry is definitely on a role with the latest movie hit, “A Star is Born”. Ms. Parry’s career as a television and film has spanned many creative avenues. She began her career working at MTV News, where she became the West Coast Bureau Chief. During this time, she was able to be in the front line in the music and entertainment industry, where she was able to meet upcoming music stars and their managers and production staff. After leaving MTV, she went to work for Adam Sandler at Happy Madison Productions in 2005, as the head of film development and production

In 2015, Ms. Parry began working with Live Nations Productions as the President. Her company has been working to produce documentaries that explore the path of the “artist behind the music”. During this time, she and her company have worked to stream live shows and create short films around the artists. By working in this film and music industry, she has been able to expand her creativity by developing content that helps to bring the artist and their work to the public light. Her experience in the industry has allowed her to focus on production and challenges that the industry faces.

The movie, “A Star is Born”, is her latest project that she and her company have worked to bring forth that focuses on the impact of the music industry and those dealing with mental health issues. She worked diligently to gain access to the production of this film and showed no fear in achieving her goals. She knew her company could produce this highly anticipated film and handle public relations. She knew Bradley Cooper was working on producing the film and she went to work with getting the film started. Her mantra is “Have no fear”, and she brings this expression to her work through her tenacity and creativity.