Krishen Iyer Touts The Benefits Of His Companies Online Platform

Krishen Iyer of Encinitas, California is a busy professional in the insurance industry. He has developed a career out of getting great leads to insurance providers. After graduating from San Diego State University in 2004, he established Name My Premium. this was a marketing firm in the insurance industry that was identified as one of the fastest growing companies on the Inc 5000.

He now heads Managed Benefits Services, a company he founded in 2016. This company focuses just on providing health insurance and dental insurance leads. Krishen Iyer created a proprietary platform that the leads are offered to. One of the big problems in the insurance leads is that they are usually pretty bad and often outdated. His system gathers the leads from many providers, runs them through algorithms, and only the best ones are presented to his customers.

Managed Benefits Services’ platform has several levels of tools that can be used to customize the leads. In addition to this platform, Krishen Iyer also develops online marketing strategies for his customers. This can include email marketing campaigns and other ways of attracting clients to his customer’s location. He also offers assistance to his customers in the form of showing them how to structure their market verticals which results in higher profits and more prospects.

A trend that Kristen Iyer says is taking over in the healthcare insurance industry is increased pricing transparency. He says that far too often consumers face very confusing pricing structures. They are left not at all understanding why they have to pay so much for tests, medications, insurance, and other healthcare related things. He says that some major companies like Amazon are beginning to push for more transparency so that people know what they’re actually paying for and can make more informed choices.

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