Brazil’s Hotelier Guilherme Paulus’s rise to fortune

With a net worth of 1.1 billion dollars, Guilherme Paulus ranks at 1268 of Forbes List of World Billionaires and 15th on the Brazilian list of Billionaires. Guilherme is one of the most influential individuals in the country running the largest companies in tourism and hospitality. Guilherme Paulus was born back in the year 1949. He knew he wanted to make it big in the business world at a young age, prompting him to take on business administration in the University. Learn more about Guilherme Paulus at Crunchbase.

How did Guilherme Paulus make his fortune?

Almost immediately after he graduated from the University, he made connections with a Brazilian politician while working as an intern at IBM with whom he launched his first company called CVC. CVC was launched in 1972. It is a touring agency that has become the leading tour operator in Latin America. Four years into its operation, Paulus was able to make enough money to buy his partner’s share and gain complete control of the company. He had a clear vision in mind of what he wanted the company to become and that is exactly what he went for. After quite a successful run in the industry, Guilherme Paulus made the decision to sell part of his shares in CVC. In the year 2009, he sold 63.6 percent of his company to a private equity firm that goes by the name Carlyle Group. Despite the sell, he still maintains a big role in the company’s operations. Read Guilherme’s profile at Forbes.

While still running CVC, Guilherme recognized another business opportunity in the hospitality industry. He established GJP Hotels and Resorts in the year 2005. His great leadership skills and experience played a great role in the success of this company as well. In 2014, he landed a big contract to develop hotels in the areas around the Brazilian airports that would accommodate the foreigners that the World Cup would attract. Two years later he also got a similar project in preparation for the Olympics. The company currently owns and operates more than 20 hotels and resorts situated in different parts of Brazil.

Other affiliations

Paulus is the chairperson of the Sao Paolo Convention and Visitors Bureau Board of Directors. He is also the president of global relations in the Travel Association Agencies of Brazil and a member of the Brazilian National Tourism Council.


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