A Look At Some Of Marathon Pharmaceutical’s Approach To Treating Rare Diseases

Marathon Pharmaceuticals, LLC is a healthcare firm based in the Chicago, Illinois, region. This company’s mission is to develop drugs to treat rare diseases as well as other conditions that are not presently being adequately treated. Similar companies try to create large-scale operations that produce medicines and treatments that are easy to manufacture. This company, though, takes a different approach. Because the diseases they are focused on are rare they need to specialize in drugs that are harder to manufacture and produced in smaller volumes.

Their most recent facility to open is the Marathon Bioscience Center inside Chicago. This building is dedicated to developing new therapies for gastrointestinal diseases, endocrine deficiencies, movement disorders, central nervous system diseases, and some forms of cancer. Marathon Pharmaceutical’s staff at this facility is comprised of healthcare professionals experienced in clinical, research, and regulatory matters. They chose the location of this building because it is close to MATTER which is a major hub of healthcare company startups including biotechnology.

Since opening for business, Marathon Pharmaceuticals has had a number of medications reach FDA approval. These include ZiNGO, Seconal Sodium, Amytal Sodium, Opium Tincture, and PEPCID. Two of these are barbiturate medications which are Seconal Sodium and Amytal Sodium. Used to treat central nervous system diseases, these two medications depress this system in the patient which helps them if they need to be sedated, hypnotized, or need to be in a drowsy condition.

Most of this company’s early products were used to treat adult diseases. More recently, though, Marathon Pharmaceuticals has been producing medications for childhood rare diseases. One of these is the ZiNGO medication. This is a medical device which is used as a local anesthetic. It helps to manage the pain when a child needs to have their veins accessed such as when they are going to have surgery or when their blood needs to be drawn. This device does not use a needle so the patient doesn’t experience any discomfort when it is used on them. It is also a quick and convenient solution for the medical professional using this device on a patient.


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