To-Do Lists and Upwork: How To Boost Productivity

Upwork is an international platform, where clients and freelancers connect, and work together. Its headquartered in Mountain View, California. Prior to 2015, it was known as Elance, which was founded in 1999 before merging with oDesk in 2013.

Increase Upwork productivity by maintaining a to-do list. Using to-do list software, a control panel designed as a daily guideline, makes doing that much easier. Trying to memorize every task isn’t productive. When unfinished tasks and deadlines are running through your mind, it causes anxiety and stress. That leads to decline in concentration and in turn, productivity. Document everything in a to-do list instead, to organize your projects. Making your to-do list beforehand frees up your more energetic hours for working on tasks that require more focus.

To-do list software keeps all your tasks in one place. Your Email inbox is an inefficient to-do list. Notes and other mediums get lost or easily forgotten. The convenience of a to-do list will simplify the organization of tasks on the platform. There are jobs starting from entry level in fields like writing, graphic design, web development, and customer service.

With over 3 million jobs posted yearly, Upwork is one of the biggest freelancer platforms. That’s why it’s favorable to give priority levels to each task based on importance. Map out a timeline for tasks, giving starting dates and times to each, as well as a duration time. This allows you to plan the most efficient way to complete them.

Doing a weekly re-evaluation of tasks lets you decide if some tasks are worth the time or not. You can eliminate tasks that are of little value, clearing up time to focus on more valuable projects. You may also generate and delegate tasks for added convenience.

Some jobs are based on hourly pay rates, some are a fixed price. Some are long-term positions, and some are singular tasks varying in difficulty. Divide every larger task into smaller ones to formulate an action plan. Evaluate each task to ascertain its part in an overall project. Keep similar work grouped together such as phone calls or Emails.


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