Southridge Capital-Commitment for Financing Companies

Southridge Capital specializes in providing public companies with financial advisory services. The firm is fully committed to assisting its clients to meet their respective needs by offering them comprehensive and innovative financial services. Its executive team possesses an intuitive and broad understanding of all the marketplace trends. The team further has unmatched expertise in crafting and executing innovative financial plans. Under its advisory umbrella, the firm provides services that touch on all financial bases including financial analysis, where it crafts highly comprehensive financial statements on behalf of clients. The firm is well-known for offering its EPA (Equity Purchase Agreement), which helps firms raise their capital depending on their wishes.




Southridge Capital signed a $5 million EPA agreement with tech firm Elite Data Services. The agreement will enable the tech firm to offer new approaches to their advertising and marketing model. The tech firm seeks to increase its revenues going by its proprietary technologies following the signing of the agreement.




In a recent interview, Steve M. Hicks, the CEO of Southridge Capital and who is also the firm’s founding principal, explained how the firm which he launched in 1996 has been helping businesses with tailor-made financial solutions to help them achieve their financial goals. He got the idea of starting his firm when he was managing hedge fund for an NY-based firm. After the owner returned to Australia, Hicks decided to start the company using his hedge fund, while still working for the company that initially employed him. You can visit for more.





Asked how his typical day at Southridge Capital looks like, the CEO said his day starts with going through the firm’s portfolio. He then drafts a list of everything he intends to accomplish that day. He then divides his time between searching for opportunities and ensuring all investments are well on track. The CEO opines how his firm brings new ideas to life by working with companies that need financing. His most exciting trend is cryptocurrency. The focus is what makes the CEO more productive and successful as an investor.








Southridge Capital has given hope to firms that need financing. The firm envisions itself as a leader in the financial sector, and therefore hopes to partner with more other relevant companies.





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