A New Era of Campaigning with NGP VAN

Campaigning is an important and an undeniably crucial aspect of today’s politics in Washington DC, and even those of the past. The biggest difference between current and old methods is the way candidates and advocates go about spreading their messages across communities.


Companies like NGP VAN gives political campaigns (most notably Democrats) a platform from which to raise campaign funds; and they’re also able to organize, on the field and via a voter database. This is all done digitally, as it’s a much faster way of working and it is also an apparent fact that the data systems of today are transitioning to computers and other devices (if they haven’t already). NGP VAN was used by clients such as Barack Obama’s 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns, which proved highly successful, and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, as well as Bernie Sander’s 2016 campaign. They’re also active in Canada, used by the British Liberal Democrats and the Liberal Party of Canada.


NGP VAN is a merger of two companies; NGP Software and Voter Activation Network. They use innovative software for fundraising and to reach out to and gain the support of potential voters while also collecting data that could be used to optimize campaign performance. One of the company’s tools, which NGP VAN created, is VoteBuilder, and it’s used to track voter interaction. It also gets more people to go out and actually vote when the date of the election comes around. The contact information of potential voters like phone numbers and emails are also stored so that campaigners can reach out with pertinent information.


MiniVan is an app that canvassers can use to collect data on prospective voters. The best part is that the information is transmitted from the mobile app to the central database used by the campaigners, so that manual data entry isn’t necessary, and this is all in real-time, so that members on a network operating in different areas have access to campaign information. This software is especially useful in an age where grassroot campaigns are very prominent. Individuals who take to the streets to interact with potential voters can do so easily without the limitations of paper lists or mindless data entry.


NGP VAN also offers NGP software, which checks and reports whether or not a campaign is trending anywhere on the internet. This is big, considering that most people have regular access to the internet, and that some are consistent users.

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