All You Need to Know About José Auriemo Neto and JHSF

José Auriemo Neto is a renowned expert in the f real estate business in Brazil, Uruguay and the US. He works as the CEO and chairman of JHSF. JHSF is a top-rated company mainly known for the provision of real estate services and construction. It was the first Brazilian firm to come up with recurrent income assets such as hotels and malls in the country. Having been established in 1972, the company has experienced tremendous growth. As of 2017, the company value was at R$ 1.2 billion having contributed towards significant real estate developments.

Initially, JHSF dealt with construction only. With the aim of growing, it expanded to the development of shopping centers. The first shopping center that the company built was the Shopping Metro Santa Cruz in Sao Paulo. JHSF was also a significant shareholder in the development of the Fasano Hotels. Under the leadership of José Auriemo Neto, JHSF took part in the development of the Catarina Fashion Outlet, a high-end market in 2014. Among other significant accomplishments of this institution include the construction of the 815 in the New York’s Fifth Avenue and the Las Piedra’s residential units in Uruguay.

José Auriemo Neto is behind the success of this company. He has helped in the created of an excellent public perception of the organization. He also has a duty of overseeing the company’s retail and shopping sections. José Auriemo Neto has also been on the forefront to create essential partnerships with companies and individuals. He studied at FAAP University. In 1993, he joined this company, and he is the one behind the creation of the services department. With the experience that José Auriemo Neto has gathered over the years in this industry, the company is bound to grow. Many people nowadays want innovative real estate developments and this what José Auriemo Neto offers through his company.


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