Eric Lefkofsky Makes Mission A Reality By Helping Raise 80 Mil For Tempus

In recent events, Tempus Labs a Chicago based technology cancer research company has reached unicorn status well raising another whopping 80 million dollars. This unicorn funding of 80 million dollars has now set Tempus Labs at a total of 210 million dollars of funding raised towards cancer research. Tempus Labs frequently works alongside and with other cancer research foundations such as the Mayo Clinic and The University Of Chicago. Tempus labs uses modern technology equipment to find ways to personalize cancer treatment for patients and their loved ones. There are many different cancer research centers but Tempus takes a different approach than most by focusing on providing patients with quality care and more support than most of the other centers out there.

The Co-Founder of Tempus, Eric LefKofsky is well known for more than just his work with Tempus. He is most well known for his work with Groupon but he also founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation alongside his wife. The Lefkofsky family foundation is a charitable cause that has been around since it was founded in 2006. Eric LefKofsky’s main goal and mission in everything he does is to enhance the quality of human life through all the work that he does. He has shown this mostly through his foundation and Tempus.

Tempus differs from other technology and cancer research organizations because they tend to focus more on patient experience and support rather than how much money they make. This is good because the last thing patients want to think about when going through a traumatic illness such as cancer is their financial ability to pay for their treatments. Over the last two years, Tempus has made a huge difference in the world of cancer research and patient treatment quality and they will continue to make a difference as they raise more money and add more employees to their team that have the same mission as Eric Lefkofsky does. So far Tempus is hiring about 30 new people per month and they have a little over 4,000 employees in total. Tempus can only go up to better things from here.

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