Eric Lefkofsky Is Looking To Change The Medical World Through Startup Company, Tempus.

Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur based out of Chicago who was thrust into the spotlight for his work on the website/application, Groupon. Known primarily for his ability to work with data, Lefkofsky has kept busy throughout his career in order to become one of the leading innovators within the Big Data side of the tech world. Now, Lefkofsky is making waves in the medical world thanks to his work on the startup company that he co-founded, Tempus. Tempus, which achieved Unicorn status this past year, is focused on fundamentally adjusting the way that patients and medical professionals interact with data in relation to cancer treatment.

Tempus was established in Chicago back in 2015 and since then the company has been on an almost meteoric ascension toward the top of the industry. Tempus has pushed toward a valuation of $1.1 billion which makes the company one of the few startups in Chicago to ever reach the vaunted ‘Unicorn’ status. Since Tempus was established, the cancer care company has managed to raise over $210 million in investment dollars with news breaking recently that Tempus has scored an additional $80 million through a string of investors. This latest round of investments came from New Enterprise Associates, Kinship Trust Co, T. Rowe Price Associates and Revolution Growth. Lefkofsky was ecstatic to see Tempus strike a chord with investors and he stated that Tempus was clearly amidst a “significant paradigm shift’.

Tempus seeks to create a digital overlay between medical records related to cancer care and the patients and medical professionals who needed to be able to access them. Tempus ports in data from all sources, even handwritten notes, in order to centralize the information into an easy-to-access database. One of the greatest hurdles that most medical professionals face when trying to treat patients suffering from cancer is simple: information. Cancer care is notoriously hard to dial in as each patient reacts differently to different routines. Having accessible information will allow patients and medical professionals to dial in a treatment plan that can maximize efficiency. Lefkofsky’s work with Big Data looks like it will pay off in a big way in a very important field.

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