Fortress Investment Group’s Special Highlights

Fortress Investment Group is a private company that specializes in private equity, recapitalization, and so much more. The company has largely invested in financial services in servicing loans, consumer finance, transportation & infrastructure, real estate, leisure, among others. The investments are based in Caribbean, North America, and West Europe. Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 and has employees standing at 2,439 in number. The key executive members of Fortress Investment Group comprises of Mr. Wesley Edens, Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder, Co-Chairman, principal, president of PE, PE CIO & Head of PE aged 55 years, Mr. Peter Lionel Briger Jr., principal, Co-chief executive officer, Co-chairman, president & head of credit & real estate business aged 53 years, Mr. Randal Alana Nardone J.D., Co-founder, principal & director aged 61 years, Mr. Daniel Neal Bass, chief financial officer aged 50 years, and Mr. Marc K. Furstein, managing director, president of the credit funds & Chief Operating Officer of the credit funds.

SoftBank Group Corporation, based in Japan, is planning to acquire Fortress Investment Group in a purchase of $3.3 billion. Fortress Investment Group oversees assets of about $70.1 billion worth and will operate as an independent business whose headquarters will be in New York. After the acquisition, the senior management will remain in the positions to invest 50 percent of their after-tax money into Fortress vehicles and funds. The SoftBank Group hopes to expand their abilities to expand as a group. Today, Fortress Investment Group holds Alabamas Inverness Corners, a retail center, purchased in the year 2014 and has helped in other building.

Additionally, Fortress Investment Group has around 1,600 institutional investment customers and a major office in New York. Other areas that the company has served include Los Angeles, Singapore, Italy, and Hong Kong. In as much as the company has suffered some down moments, they have stood out as a source of experience, and from that, they rose steadily. The employees are well paid and enjoy working at Fortress Investment Group. This is from a review that was conducted online.

Fortress Investment Group’s major competencies are asset-based. They have specialty in asset investing and have a great experience in such services. Fortress Investment Group extends owning, pricing, financing, and overseeing of the specific assets as a management role. Secondly, they are competent in industrial knowledge. This is the knowledge that they invest in through executing investments and operating company’s portfolios. Fortress Investment Group has a team of professionals that deal with investment and creates relationships with prominent companies and individuals. Also, the company is key in operations management with refined tools for evaluating and assessing structural, operational, and strategic issues. Not to forget, Fortress Investment Group has experience in corporate mergers & acquisitions that enables them to work with board directors, management, a corporate stakeholders for excellent in implementation of the investments. Finally, they have considerable experience in capital markets with broad experience in low-risk financing, accessing the debts, and the equity capital markets towards the clients. Fortress Investment Group has many affiliate offices globally. The assets-based investments in the company are the cornerstone of the great success.

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