Whitney Wolfe Entering into the Realm of Professional Networking through Bumble Bizz

     The dating app named Bumble was launched in the market in December 2014, and since then has risen in popularity like wildfire. People have appreciated how Bumble has put women first and has provided a space for them to socialize without being subject to abuse or bullying. Whitney Wolfe, the founder of Bumble, has herself being subject to abuse and intimidation when she used the dating apps herself and feels that it is something that can be eliminated from the online dating app experience by only making this simple tweak.

When only female members are allowed to start a chat with the male members, one can be sure that the male members who are used to objectifying and abusing women don’t get their chance of doing so again on Bumble. Many women have welcomed this move, and so have men. The majority of the target audience of Bumble has appreciated and understood why Bumble had introduced such a feature, and what the benefits of it are. Whitney Wolfe says that while it has taken some time for many members to adjust to this new rule of women-first, the wave of curiosity has now settled as Bumble has entered the mainstream dating business.

Whitney Wolfe has ensured her business and marketing prowess helps Bumble to grow without hindrance. In order to achieve its long-term objective of grabbing the bigger market share as well as to provide better value to the members, Whitney Wolfe recently announced the launch of Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz. Both these features would be housed within Bumble but would work independently as its own platform. Bumble BFF can be used by the members to make new friends and expand their social network, whereas Bumble Bizz would be used to expand the professional network of the people.

Many people are comparing Bumble Bizz with Linkedin, but Whitney Wolfe says that while the fundamental principle of expanding professional network remains the same with both Bumble Bizz and Linkedin, they are both different types of platforms. Bumble Bizz is more social and casual in nature and functioning, whereas Linkedin comes across as very formal, which Whitney Wolfe thinks can be intimidating as well. Bumble Bizz also allows people in same demography only to connect, which helps in connecting faster. If the professionals connect through Bumble Bizz, they are usually within the same area or city, which ensures that they can take things forward more quickly.

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